Monday, December 26, 2011

Wedding Updates... and complaints.

Greetings !

At last, me and mama manage to come to a mutual understanding. The date for the wedding had been suggested. The wedding will be held on December 2012. The exact date shall remain as a mystery. I hope everything will be fine since now I've started to feel the pressure. Insyaallah, my parents together with my grandmother will be going to Mecca on next Aidiladha. I think it'll be on October and they'll be back on November, just a month before the wedding. So, mama personally remind me with a strict expression that everything should be done by the end of September.

One of my biggest upcoming-problem for the preparation is that my time will be mostly occupied with internship and term-paper until June 2012. There will be only 3months left until September. After I am done with the semester, I should apply for jobs since I don't want mama to fully-support the wedding. Seriously, the rough idea of the flow of the wedding days already makes me nervous. There'll be the solemnzation, followed by Khatam Al-Quran *I hate it when a PA-system will be there to accompany me*, Majlis Tahlil and Bacaan Doa, Marhaban on the next morning, the Reception and also Majlis Bertandang. There are lots and lots and lots of things to be considered.

please, please and please wish me luck!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am currently enjoying my BBQ Cheeseburger in Burger King, KL Sentral. 
I am alone and I feel bored. Still have one hour before boarding the train. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Day I was Born

I am now an official 21-years-old girl. Hooray! It's been only two days since my birthday so I guess this update is not that late. First thing first, I want to say Thank You so much to all my friends for the birthday wishes and the card. They even sang the birthday song for me, the first thing in the morning.. and yeah, the one at dinner too! That was so funny! :D

Its cute, right? 
I think it kinda give you the feeling of wanting to wish upon a star.

I do think that I owe a special thanks to my lovely-love for a wonderful date cum birthday celebration. The funny thing about the celebration is that I have the whole day to myself. At first he told me that he wanted to celebrate my birthday... but then he asks me to plan the day myself since he don't really know the places here. Well, the main purpose should be going out to shop for my gift. He specifically said that he wanted me to choose my own gift. I think I also prefer that way since I can cross-out some item on my 'things-to-buy' list for internship. So, that day we went to One Utama. He bought me a pair of Voir Jeans and Voir handbag *I can cross this out of my list*. Woohoo!

The best part during the date was visiting The Secret Garden on the rooftop of One Utama building. The garden was still newly-develop. There are around 600++ species of plants. It was so beautiful and relaxing.

This is me, playing with one of the plants. :p

and this is my reason why I always love going for a date! <3

Oh well, after visiting the garden, we went to IKEA to buy some stuffs. I wanted to find a gift for my newly-wedded friend and he wants to find some stuffs for his kitchen. He cooks, okay! Then, went for dinner at Dataran Sunway, and he sent me back to UNISEL after that. It was a tiring day but I am glad for every moment that I spent.

p/s: I Love all of YOU ! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Crammed my heads up.

It is nearly the end of the holiday now and I still lay in my bed, looking at my laptop will all these melancholic feels. The holiday started off great but its getting weirder towards the end. I don't know what I want to do with myself and my day or what words should I utter in order to start a decent non-argument-type conversation with my family. It seems like I am now crammed with lots of different feelings and disappointment in which made me feel like I want to run far away from everyone.... just like the one I had done few years back. It feels great to have the world to yourself, started your life back on track.

I don't know but it seems like all the hard work, seclusion, etc. will be going to an end and I think that I am not that ready to let it all go. There'll be not much time left before I had to step back into the society.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Should I get MARRIED?

I have another year to go before getting married but all these talks about wedding stuffs and preparations already makes me dizzy and annoyed too.

I want these, and my mom wants that. I want another thing and there'll be an issue of 'membazir' or too grand and even too ugly. She wants that but it looks too 80's just like the one in P.Ramlee's movies, the color won't suit me, etc. I really hate it when I had to argue with my mom for something I WANT. This is my wedding. I know she'll be there to support me but please, I am not a child anymore. I know how to make a wise decision. I know how to think whether the prices are too high or just worth it. I need your opinion, not an argument. Somehow, all these talks do make me feel I don't want to get married... or maybe I'll just grab my love and get married somewhere in Thailand, or Italy.

Oh well, for now I think I wanna walk away from marriage.
I guess I won't look back for a few months.

p/s: I miss those peaceful time in UNISEL.

Love, Nora.

So, as usual, I lost the track of time again. I know I am a bit 'buta muzik' in which I always get left behind when it comes to the latest songs. But hey, there are also times when I am more advanced than the other. Oh well, this time I am a bit left behind when it comes to movies. I can't believe myself ! Why didn't I watch the movie when my younger brother told me to watch it? It is a simple yet a great movie... err.. for someone who always love the hopeless romantic feel.

I almost forgot to mention, this movie may be inspired by the book P/S: I Love You by Cecilia Ahern. The film version of the novel are also great. It always puts me in the "my heart filled with love while my eyes shed some tears because I am touched" mode. Hmm... I guess you can say that this movie also puts me in the same mode.

You can read more on this film here. The part that I really love in this movie is in the last letter by Nora. The word LIVE itself. Somehow, it kinda give many different meaning. After watching this movie, I think I just realized something.

Man who speaks Italian  are quite sexy !

Enough daydreaming.
I should just go back to reality.

p/s: Sayang, I think you should take intensive courses on how to speak Italian. :pp

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I've Done

So, as you all know... the semester holiday have already started and I'm officially now back in my bunk. As usual, I always have an endless boredom during the holiday apart from lepaking and sleeping. However, this semester holiday seems a bit different. Luckily my family received a visit from my aunt and her family which provided me with a cousin for approximately a period of one week.

Well, since the holiday have started... I am so determined to make myself as a more capable driver since I haven't drive any car since the day I received my license. It has been around four to five months I think. So to achieve my objective, I dragged my cousin almost every evening to lots of places. I drove the car by myself for the first three days of the holiday.

On the fourth day, I dragged my cousin for a cruise around the housing area. Yeah, I know. Its a bit pathetic but I should take it slow if I don't want to surprise myself.

On the fifth day, me and my cousin went to the Taiping Central mall to watch The Immortals and also for shopping. Oh, we also met Aaron Aziz there. HAHAHA. I forgot to mention, it is a big poster of himself for the movie Ombak Rindu. I can't wait to watch that movie... and twilight too. It is such a waste that I can't watch that movie together with the babes before the holiday started especially when I think about how eager we feel at that moment.

This is me and my cousin, Asmiza Nadiah at the mall.

Then, on the sixth day... we went for a cruise again. But this time around the town. Oh yeah, we do make a short trip to Popular bookstore. I am quite devastated that day since at first I am so eager to find the latest novel "7 Hari Mencintaiku" by Siti Rosmizah and also "Why Men can't Listen, Why Women can't Read Maps." Well, the sales attendant told me that the novel by Siti Rosmizah was sold out and they don't have the other book. One thing that annoys me is that I really can't understand why most of the sale attendants always heard "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by Dr. Gray rather than "Why Men can't Listen, Why Women can't Read Maps." The sounds are totally different ! Oh well... rather than making myself feeling blues... I end up with buying another tho books and a magazine.

1. Hanya Dia Sufi by Lili Norlaili
2. Tips Merancang Majlis Perkahwinan
(a compilation from Mingguan Wanita and Pengantin magazines)
3. CLEO Issue November 2011

I know the second book will be useful one day while the rest just for pleasure reading.

As for today, we went to The Gate Cafe since my cousin always had this talk about craving for chicken chop. So I guess I bring her there since their western foods are really good. Plus, I am also in the mood for western foods right now.

I ordered Grilled Chicken with BBQ Sauce.

 and my cousin ordered Fried Chicken with BBQ Sauce.

After we've done stuffing ourselves with the food, we went for a cruise to Taiping Lake Garden. The people there today were not as many as the people during the weekends. So we take that opportunity to snap few pictures of ourselves before heading back home. :))


I guess that's all the thing's I've done for the week. As for tomorrow, we've planned for a visit to Maxwell Hill. I think now is the season for the tulips on the hill to bloom. And yeah, me may have a quick stop at the mall to check if we can start buying the ticket for Twilight which will be released on 24th of November.. :))

I'll see you soon !

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ouh, petang smlm ade tengok wayang cite The Immortal. Tapi mslahnye, ade org tu buta2 membazir duit tiket. Masuk wayang tp tutup mata. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !


Friday, November 18, 2011

Waiting for You.

Baby boy, watashi wa koko ni iru yo, doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you dakara koso, shinpai shinakute ii n da yo
donna ni tooku ni ite mo kawaranai yo, kono kokoro
iitai koto wakaru desho?
anata no koto matteru yo.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I need to forget what's gone.

and some things just not.

Before you assume that what we hurt you, learn the facts that we are the ones who actually feel the pain. Looking back at all the memories that we've had, most of it were just filled with how you admire others. Can't you notice the people who always stand besides you all this while? Some of the days were always filled with lots of plans... going for girls' day out, shopping, watching movies and what not. But then, when the day actually comes, it was just filled with the 'bad mood' look on your face together with all the rush, talks about 'membazir' and so on and so forth. I wonder why you can go out until late night, or having a day full of excitement with others but not with us. I wonder why the word 'membazir' never comes out from your mouth when you shop with others. I kinda wonder why you need a reason to go out with us but you don't need one with others. I really wonder why. We never forced you into this, you know. We've had enough with the thought that we used you, etc.

Before you judge that we treat you badly, please understand why. Before you said that we are avoiding you, please think. You should realize that you are one who walks in and out of the place without telling us. As if it was only a motel. Now tell us why we should bother to tell you where we were going when you weren't even here. Have you ever count how many times you actually sit and eat with us during the past months? Have you ever count how many times you actually talk to us without interrupting the conversation with messages or phone calls? Where were you when all of us sit together at the table while laughing at all the inside jokes?

I don't think you realize that the worst crime in friendship is abandonment.

Someday, when you think of coming back... 
we might give you a second chance. 
However, you should remember...
Second chance does not always mean happy ending.
Sometimes, it is just a chance for you to end things right.


Monday, October 24, 2011

I hope that I am worthy of you.

People can always make plans, but Allah is the one who hold the strings.

Through these past few weeks, I've been busy.. and for that, I am so sorry for the people around me. And when I think that I had just started to breathe, as I am now back in my hometown... my life really had take a major turn.

Getting married is not just about you and your partner.
Its about your family and his'.
Its about how well you can understand each other.
... understanding all the elements that you had in you.
and your other half...
and in the end, complement each other.

When I say 'yes' on the day you proposed, I'm aware of the things that I had to face. The thing that I had to learn, and the thing that I had to understand. Getting married to an only son of the family requires me to make a careful considerations. You hold a big responsibility with the family and yet you'll hold another responsibility with me. But I am not that worried. I know who you are, I know that you'll manage. You just had to learn. We had to learn. And when the time comes; when we are worthy of being a partner to each other, our days then will just filled with smiles... :)

#I know that you're worried about me. But no matter how long I'll have to wait,
I'll stay.

Monday, September 26, 2011


My life since this past three weeks just seem so listless. I am tired of working my mind to death. I really can't think straight for now. I can't think of anything. Usually, it'll only take me a few hours to complete a single lesson plan but now, it has been days since I started working on this. I guess I'll be in this poor state of mind for another few days.

I really hope that I can go back to my normal state by this Friday. I really need my mind for this upcoming Persidangan Kemuncak Kelab Penyayang 2011 which was organized by Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia. Trust me... holding a position as a secretary can really kill your enthusiasm.


Friday, September 9, 2011


I am once wide awake;
when life have always been so bright.
I am now a step ahead
but I always looking back.
I want to scream,
I wanna get mad,
but still,
in the end,
I'm trapped in this graveyard.

p/s: This was once written during a class with a friend. It was random, but I think I love it.  What a different way to remind us of death, right? :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Raya macam duduk dalam gua sebab internet takde.
Dah ada lesen tapi tak dapat nak bawak kereta.
Praktikal nnt mungkin kena bwk scooter...
Tp lesen motor takde.

Haish.. [-.-']

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Berdua Bersatu

Jika denganmu salah ku tak mahu yang benar, jika denganmu rebah biarlah ku tercalar. Walau dilanda badai, ku sanggup kerna ku mahu kita berdua bersatu. Jika denganmu kabur ku tak mahu yang jelas, jika denganmu hanyut biarlah aku lemas. Walau dilanda ribut ku sanggup kerna ku mahu kita berdua bersatu.

p/s: Suke giler lagu ni especially part chorus tu... hehehe. A song by Forteen. :D

Saturday, August 13, 2011

One year older, more look of a lover.

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my lovely-lovable fiancee. I guess you are one year older now. I shall say, thank you so much for being born in this world with me. I am lucky enough to get to know you, and also to have your love and care.

Since the past months, you have been a very wonderful person to me and I hope this will lasts for as long as we live. Thank you so much for being so patient with me since I have been so busy most of the time and had to make you wait for me every single night. Seriously, you make me love you even more... and more..

Sayang, I really wish that you will live a long life with lots and lots of happiness.
Happy Birthday !

p/s: If it is with you dear, I knew that even when we will be celebrating your 70th Birthday Anniversary, we will still walk together, side by side... holding each others hand... :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

To sum up the week..

I have been feeling that this week is kinda a very-dull-week ever. It'll feel so bored during the weekend and I spent most of my day lying on the bed due to fever. Oh well, since the blog have not been updated most of the time, I kinda have a lot of things to tell. A lot of good news actually.

Do you remember my previous post where I was craving for a La Sardina? Ok. I've changed my mind about that since I am much too lazy to get to know all the settings and functions, etc... So, I have decided to buy a UWS from The Click Shop last Tuesday. The camera arrived on Thusday and it was so damn cute ! And yeah, I bought the camera along with Ferrania Solaris 400 and Agfa CT Precisa 100. Seriously, there are a lot of things for me to learn if I were to buy a La Sardina. So that's why I changed my mind to Ultra Wide and Slim by Superheadz. UWS is actually my first choice before La Sardina was introduced by Lomography. I don't know why I keep getting attracted to La Sardina even though UWS is much more easier too operate. You just had to load the film and shoot... :)

As for the last Thusday, I had a very great buka-puasa event with all my FMTS friends at Flaming Steamboat Buffet, Sunway. We've had lots and lots of food until everyone was so full. My favourite was the ice-creams with chocolate on top of it. There are so many of us until the buffet house became so hectic with the sounds of everyone laughing.

On the way back to the campus, we've had a short pit-stop at Dataran Shah Alam. Most of us was so eager with the photoshoot while some others just sit back and relax before we travel back to campus. Luckily we managed to enter the hostel without out matric card taken by the guards. :D

Thank you so much for these memories. Obviously, I will never forget this Ramadhan..  :)

p/s: the picture during the buka-puasa event was taken by Liong Thian Siang.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lusa nak puasa.

Untuk elakkan mengidam selama sebulan, harus pegi makan satay ngan yong tau fu sebelum ahad... :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I just care for how the memories will turn out to be.

I started typing this entry at 4.53am. I am so sleepy right now but I guess this is my only chance to update my blog. The internet connection has been bad as usual. So I guess there should be no questions regarding why I'm typing the entry at quite an early hour.

These past few weeks have been like a dream to me. I know I've been busy, and a bit irresponsible at times but the good news is that I have make some new acquaintances which I guess can be considered as my new family now. Everyone was so friendly which makes it easier to get along with. Seriously... I am glad that I had the chance to become a facilitator before I graduated.

If I had to say something to this family, it should be that I am really grateful for knowing everyone. 

The Family of Minggu Tekad Siswa (MTS) 1/2011/2012
there are more other members who are not in the picture

So, aside from my new family... I guess I still have more good news to tell. During the semester holiday, I actually managed to obtain driving license, my MUET exam's result had passed the band 4 minimum level and also watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon on its first day premier in 3D.

p/s: I'll tell more about my bureau during the MTS on my next entry. Seriously... It's gonna be a lot message from the heart... :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On temporary hiatus.

Nak update? Tggu lagi 2 minggu. Nanti confirm banyak cite.
But until then, asta la vista ! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mom, I want a La Sardina.

I need a camera, desperately. A La Sardina or Superheadz UWS along with Agfa CT Precisa 100 for me to experiment with should be enough. Ok, maybe I want Kodak Professional Ektar and Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 too. I keep on browsing the web looking for where to buy a toy camera, the films that are suitable with them and also how and where to process these films. Seriously, I really want one right now. I am desperately desperate for that... [-.-']

p/s: I can't wait for the new semester to start so that I can start saving money for the camera. Semester holidays always making me poor.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rewinding Memory

Whenever I reminisce upon my life, I can see that there are a lot of beautiful memories that had been lost as I continue living. I really miss the time when I was still in my high school year. I have attended two different school during that time and I am so lucky to have both school serving me with different memories of their own.

Whenever I reminisce upon my childhood days, I have always wonder how close we are during that time. I keep on thinking how great it'll be if I could just see it. He was four years old when he started to take care of me. He always remembers most of the things about me... until now. Unfortunately, I kinda remember nothing about him. I just know him up until recently. Just few years before we get engaged. If I had the chance, I surely would like to know more... :)

So peeps... If you had a chance to capture a wonderful memory that you have missed earlier in your life,
what would it be?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

some things never change.

You know I do,  like always... :)

p/s: say hello to the first day of Summer ! thou its really hot here, in Taiping. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am so happy.

You make me happy whether you know it or not. We should be happy, that's what I said from the start. I am so happy knowing you are the one that I want for the rest of my days, for the rest of my days, through all of my days. You're looking so cool, you're looking so fly. I can't deny that when I'm staring you down right dead in the eye. I wanna try to be the person you want. The person you need, it's hard to conceive that somebody like you could be with someone like me.

I'm happy knowing that you are mine.  

The grass is greener on the other side. 
The more I think, the more I wish 
that we could lay here for hours and just reminisce.

You're looking so fresh, it's catching my eye. Why oh, why did I not see this before, the girl I adore was right in front of me and now I'll take a step back and look in your eye and ask why it took so long to see we're meant to be. I'm happy knowing that you are mine. The grass is greener on the other side. The more I think, the more I wish that we could lay here for hours and just reminisce... on the good, the bad, the ugly. The smiles, the laughs, the funny... or all the things we put each other through. It's for you, for you, for you.

You make me happy whether you know it or not. We should be happy, that's what I said from the start. I am so happy knowing you are the one that I want for the rest of my days, for the rest of my days.

p/s: This one's for you.. Happy,  a song by Never Shout Never. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I feel like a bit retarded when playing Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars. The thing is... I've stopped playing these 'war' games for almost 2 years already. This time it took me around 20min to destroy the enemy... one easy enemy. Hahaha. Last time, I only need 20min to destroy four hard enemies.

I guess these skills are getting rusty... :p

The truth is, life is not an imagination.

I'm tired. I don't know what I'm tired of but I know I am. I haven't updated this blog for quite a long time and I am sorry for that. Right now, the time had already way past midnight. Unfortunately, I still can't close my eyes and have those magical dreams that every little girl used to adore.

I've always feels that life is an unfair business. I may look like an outgoing person but there are a lot of other things that is going through inside me. I doubt that even the closest person to me can understand that. I don't really know whether these feelings are my imaginations or the real truths. I don't know and I don't think I will.

Somehow, I feel like life will be much more easier if it is just a dream. Living through an imagination. Then it can be a lot more beautiful and memorable.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

current mood?

life really feels like an unfair business that can give you headache until you feel like you want to give up, climb a building and jump.


I took the color personality test that I found in Syaf's blog and I got this...

"Tension and stress is brought on by trying to cope with conditions which are out of her control, using up all her strength and leaving her feeling inadequate. she wishes to escape into a more peaceful and problem-free environment, in which she will no longer have to assert herself or deal with so much pressure."

To tell the truth, I really cry my heart out when I read this.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ingat dok dalam gua ni sebulan best ke?

Giler serabot !

Memang confirm, UNISEL memang takde internet for the whole sem. Tak sanggup nak fikir mcm mane gaye internet tuk sem depan. Tak paham betul nasib diri sendiri dengan internet neh macam mane... Dah la UNISEL memang takde internet, bile balik Taiping dua minggu lepas... umah pun takde internet. Tak kejam ke namenye tu? Pehal ntah.. Asal lepas hujan lebat je, internet terus takde for few days. Astro pun tak dahsyat macam neh.

Kalau nak kire,
banyak jgk bende yg nak kne complaint sepanjang dok dalam gua neh...

Event yang paling best, "Go Green" Campaign yg dianjurkn oleh Kelab Penyayang haritu. Serius tak sangka boleh jugak kitorang pull it off dalam mase seminggu. Lega! Tapi mase tu, otak memang toksah ckp la.... Tunggang-langgang sume bende. Mase tu la nk kne hafal notes tuk test, assignment rhetorical analysis tu kne hantar...and mood yg penuh ngan ombak sampaikan terpaksa lari dari UNISEL tuk sementara waktu. *naseb baik mr. kekasih hati tu sanggup datang jgk tuk tolong culik tunang dia neh keluar dari UNISEL* Ehem, ehem... Terima kasih ye sayang. Tapi gune duit kawen tuk beli Netherland Dwarf tu... err.. err... tak nak approve... nak marah. Tapi... haish... saba jela. Saye kan memahami orgnye... Hahahaha.

So, so... rasenye takat ni dulu kot nak komplein. Nanti lenkali tambah lagi. Bosan tgk entri blog neh x bergerak. Nanti lenkali letak entri yg lebih informasi dan berguna dan berfaedah dan... dan... ntah. Tapi tu la, since diri sendiri tgh dok dalam gua skrg... memang jgn expect entri baru dlm mse yg trdekat neh la eh...

p/s: Untung jgk bile mama dah pandai tgk wayang sekarang... Ad jgk la org nk sponsor tgk Nur Kasih the Movie. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

macam ni la mase zaman batu dulu-dulu

wireless yg teruk semakin menjadi2...
serius rindu nak blogging...

dem !

p/s: thank you, syaf.. for the broadband... :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let me tell you 'bout what had happened.

Tak sangka diri sendiri nak jugak tulis blog walaupun sekarang tengah dok rileks dalam mode malas.

Minggu pertama dan kedua balik UNiSEL memang terasa mcm hell. Wireless mmg none okeh. Langsung takde. Habis diri sendiri penuh dengan sakit hati ape bagai sebab tak boleh nak update blog segala. Nasib baik hujung minggu hari tu terlibat dalam Program Sekolah Sahabat UNiSEL... ad la dalam 400+ student dari sekolah all over Selangor datang. Bagus jgk sebab dapat experience awal tuk handle student.

Me and Kak Ima, my second cousin from Indonesia

and also Nadiah, my cousin from Pahang

Luckily, for this weekend... I'm back at Taiping. This time, it is a really great weekend. Most of my relatives are here... The house are so full with people with all the girls lepaking in the room, the other group of guys at the dinner table playing counter strike online and also all the parents who hang out at the porch. The best thing is, we can wonder around the town until midnight without having anyone to 'berleter' at us... Alasannye, nak bawak Kak Imah jalan-jalan di Malaysia... Hahaha. Great, kan? :)

p/s: Now I am reluctant to go back to empty UNiSEL.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kau sangat sweet lah.

Semalam En. Kekasih Hati datang buat surprise. Best dan sweet at the same time. Malam sebelum tu ad termimpi pasal dy so dy sengaja datang untuk buat mimpi tu real. Serius, best ! Hehehe... :)

So, next time kalau korang termimpi kekasih hati korang, jgn segan2 bagitau diorang sbb mane tau nnt diorang pun wat surprise...

p/s: Tahniah untuk En. Kekasih sebab berjaya dalam interview semalam.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Perkara yang TAK BEST

Hari banyak perkara yang tak best yang jadi.

1. Bangun awal-awal pagi which is 2.30 untuk pergi exam adalah tak best.
2. Kereta 'auto' tibe-tibe mati enjin kat tengah highway pun tak best.
*nasib baik sempat lagi nak slowly pergi roadside*
3. Berpanas dalam kereta sambil kereta kena tow tak best jugak.
4. Terpaksa hidu gas petrol yang tertumpah dalam kereta masa mekanik tu repair pam minyak pun tak best. Yang ni memang paling-paling tak best. Selama dua jam hokeh ! Sampai-sampai rumah terus muntah dan dibelenggu dengan pening kepala dan perut yang kurang selesa. *dem, kne get ready kalau2 tibe2 kne gastric attack*

Nasib baik hari ada jugak bende yang best macam soalan MUET yang agak memerli diri sendiri tapi bagus sebab memang dpt bercakap berdasarkan pengalaman.... dan hari ni, dengan jakunnya dapat tengok body lori or bas *tak sure mane satu* on the road. Bile cakap body, mmg mksudkn body je. Rangka. Nampak enjin sume. Driver dy sangat comel ok sebab dy pakai helmet. Hahaha. Kalau tak faham jugak cam mane, cube bayangkan kepala lori tu tanpa pintu sume. Totally rangka yang nampak enjin... and driver dy tgh bawak dgn pakai helmet. Sumpah comel gilaaaaa ! Tapi rugi sebab tak sempat nak snap picture. Sila salahkan kamera fon yang lembap dan poket yang agak kering untuk beli satu dslr. *dem lagi*

Hugs and kisses.
Guess, I'm outta here. <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sedetik Lebih.

Setiap nafas yang dihembus, setiap degupan jantung... aku selalu memikirkanmu. Dalam sedar dibuai angan, dalam tidur dan khayalan... aku selalu memikirkanmu.

Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang, barulah terasa ku bernyawa.

Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu, kerana kau beri erti hidup. Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya. Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan, ku bersyukur adanya kamu. Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia, asal masih adanya kamu.

 p/s: Sedetik Lebih, a song by Anuar Zain. The lyric is too awesome and breathtaking. <3

Alhamdulillah, that hectic semester had passed.

There is this one situation that will always appear in each and every semester breaks. Students from everywhere will start to talk about it, including me. Some may get disappointed but some will be happy since they are able to prove to everyone that they can do it. Even I tend to get happy this time around. Alhamdulillah, my exam result are much more better than the previous semester.

I think this was a very good news for me since I had become quite a lunatic during the exam week. To tell the truth, I think I am an auditory learner. So I mostly depends on lectures, in the class for my studies. I am not that good in studying the notes or making one. Unfortunate for me, ever since the theater rehearsals and tasks came up during the semester, I can hardly concentrate on class. That is why when the time comes for the examination, I get so scared and even cried. I don't really know what I'd learn for this semester.

I was so lucky to have my friends to help me with the tips... and yeah, that scary feeling did help me in putting extra effort in studying. I hope on next semester, I won't get as busy as this semester.

p/s: I can't say that I won't get busy for sure since I've been chosen as the club's secretary. But I'll still hoping for that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Nuffnang !

I know I've been busy in these past few months. I change my blog layout and I don't have enough time to go through the coding in order to include you in the blog. But hey, now here you are. So, hello and welcome back ! Hehehe... :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

Summit Shoes lagi.

Summit Shoes selalu buat urge untuk shopping naik ke level yg tinggi. Seriously, kasut ni sangat gorgeous! Ade sape2 yg nak belikan birthday present tuk I tak? Hehehe.

Tak Sabar

Okeh, sekarang memang tengah tak sabar nak settlekan lesen kereta, tak sabar nak tunggu exam MUET ni habes, tak sabar nak start cat rumah. Hahaha.... Tak sabar nak tunggu novel baru sampai jugak.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Good Old days

Today I had experienced a series of tiring events. But still I am glad to experience this. One of the most wonderful sight that I had encounter is when I saw a bunch of kids playing 'teng-teng', which is actually considered as a traditional game.

Watching them playing the game brings back the whole memory of my childhood. Unlike the child nowadays, I am so fortunate to have experience in playing most of the traditional games such as gasing, congkak, batu seremban, tarik upih pinang, rakit, guli, layang-layang, kurik kundi, tuju selipar, masak-masak, kawin-kawin *I can't believe that I am admitting this* and not to mention,  I also love to climb the mango trees. It was quite a disappointment to see that there are no kids playing on the neighborhood since everyone was so busy  playing with their computer...

Oh well, on the other hand... I've got a good news.

The flower is not dying. I am so so so so so happy. Before this, I was so worried until it looks like I am the one who is dying, not the flowers. Thank God! Now, I really can't wait to see the spring again... :)

Dance Senorita !

Siape tak suke Marian Rivera? Cepat angkat tangan... Baek angkat tangan... Meh nak brainwash... =.=

Saturday, April 2, 2011

setiap kali lepas hujan ribut mesti sakit hati

dalam banyak2 perkara kat taiping, antara yang paling menyakitkan hati...

1. Internet mesti selalu xde connection lepas ribut.  
*biasenye mesti amik mase dalam 2 hari sampai seminggu untuk ok*
2. Decoder Astro xleh biar 'on' sentiasa sebab diorang asyik trbakar je.  
*dah 2-3 kali dah neh sampai malas dah nak register Astro lg*
3. Aerial TV mesti dah gerak hala lain dan menyebabkan pengalaman menonton TV tu sangat tak best.

rasenyer setakat neh tu jela. Lau rase2 ad lg nnt update laen pulak.

p/s: mood masih frust. naseb baek bencana alam. dah xleh nak ckp ap. nk mengamuk pun tak gune. haish...

Monday, March 28, 2011

to all muslim girls with hijabi out there,

please remember that...

Sangat style bukan? Huish, tersangat2 la best if berjaya buat semua gaya... Hehehe.. :)

kemungkinan ada kne mengena

dengan yang hidup atau yang dah meninggal dunia.

"Aku still x faham kenapa kau terasa and marah giler2 padahal kau yang kecoh pasal aku kat dalam sms dgn bekas kekasih kau tu dan terkantoi. Cube la skali kau mengaku salah kau dan mintak maaf. Confirm lepas tu aku diam."

Sepatutnyer dari dulu lagi dah ckp macam tu, tapi x taula nape x terkeluar dri mulut atau tak tertaip dek jari. Huish... tibe2 taip ni bukan bertujuan untuk cari gadoh ngan sape2. Sekadar meluahkan rasa and dendam dlm jiwa yang dah terang2an mmg x patut ade. So, I shall put a fullstop here and writes THE END at the bottom of the page.

p/s: Mulai hari ni, lantak kau la sampai bila kau nak berlagak innocent... :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Baru lepas membaca blog Bella Ain dan meninggalkan komen tentang crush terhadap Gaara.. Huish... Tetibe rase rindu lak kt Sylar.

p/s: Gaara dalam cite Naruto, Sylar dalam cite Heroes.

Another way to smile.

Welcoming a new book into the family has always been the most exciting event during semester holidays... :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best friends forever?

I don't hate anyone who hold the title of a best friend to someone. Its just that I have a problem in having one.

It always seems so great to have someone where you can share all your happiness.. help to comfort your frustration, wipe your tears when you're sad and give you a hug when you're down. Not to mention, someone for gossiping about others and boys too. Sometimes I feel jealous watching best friends having their 'girls-day-out', spending time together and capture lots and lots of pictures.

It was so frustrating that I always have problems in having best friends or at least one of them.

Not having a best friend doesn't mean that I don't have any friends. I have. Lots and lots of them. But most of them are just close friends. I've always put a barrier between me and the others. I don't trust people easily and that is actually my biggest problem. I just hate the fact that if I trust others, I actually let myself to the risk of being back-stabbed... especially between girls.  So far, in my whole life, I only have one best friend that is actually a guy but since I get engaged, he was just MIA. I don't know why and I don't think that I want to know.. and to make it worse, the fact that I'm getting married soon makes my chance to feel what its like to have a girl best friend is really low.

This whole friendship thingy makes me wonder; am I that bad as a person?
Sheesh... I think I am just fucked up in every single way.

p/s: Is there anyone who want to be my best friend? I promise I'll try my best to trust you...

I am trying my best

Ok, about the flower that I had mentioned earlier...

I don't have any experience in taking care of a flower... especially if it is in a vase. So... What if.. just 'if'... the flower is kinda dying... and died eventually...

Can you please don't think that my love for you had faded?

Hehehe... please? I am trying my best to take care of it. I'm afraid that I will not be able to succeed since I am not that good in girly stuffs. I think I would do better if you ask me take care of your laptop or computer or if you ask me to help you in carrying stuffs...

p/s: Can anyone give me any tips? :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I remember my day.

Hooray, semester holiday had just started ! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates during these past few days. I bet I will really miss my friends during this holiday. Hehehe. 

I've reached home, at last after going through a series of bad luck.I missed my 2.30pm train because of the stupid bus, because of that, I had to use more money. If missing the train wasn't that bad, then try to imagine being stuck at a place without enough money to go back because the money that you had transfer through the stupid maybank2u to your other bank acc was not there, in the account.... another bad luck. To make things worst, my phone credit was not enough at the exact moment after I check the account. *dem* The only thing that I can think of during that time is 'I am in a very deep shit !'. After the things had been sorted out, I went to buy the train's ticket just to find out that their system were down at the moment so I had to wait until 5.00pm to get the ticket. Thank god I managed to board the 5.30pm train, reached Ipoh safely and the final thing I had to do is just waiting for my parents to fetch me there.

It was a really memorable all-day adventure for me.  :)

My recent date was great. There are so many funny things happens on that day... especially the part where we were locked in that Wisma Genting's stairways. We were on the 11th floor and the only door that was unlocked supposed to be at the G level. Luckily the door on the 6th floor was broken so it was also left unlocked. I'd never thought that finding the 10th floor would be that hard...

and yeah, he gave me flowers. People usually give bouquet but he actually gave me a vase of roses. He kinda says that 'as long as you have your love for me, the flower will always bloom.' Hahaha... Funny, but still sweet... Thank you, love. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How a girl count her day for a date? - Part 2

She still feels excited. But to think of the things to wear might still be too early.

The Last Song

"When I look at you I see forgiveness, I see the truth. 
You love me for who I am
like the stars hold the moon right there where they belong
and I know I’m not alone. 
When my world is falling apart, 
when there’s no light to break up the dark, 
that’s when I look at you.
When the waves are flooding the shore 
and I can’t find my way home anymore
That’s when I look at you" - Miley Cyrus, When I Look at You

It is really an inspiring movie. I really love the part where she plays the piano in order to continue and finished up that last song that her father was working on.

So far, I have watched only two film adaptations of Nicholas Spark's novel. 'A Walk to Remember' which is the first Nicholas Spark's novel film adaptation that I watched has already been listed as the all-time-favorite movie in my life. I will never forget that story. I even read the novel after watching the movie since I was so interested in the story. After watching The Last Song, I think it should enter the list too.

The experience of watching two film adaptations of Nicholas Spark's novel made me feel interested to watch some other film adaptations of his novel. I think I should start looking for Message in the Bottle (1999), The Notebook (2004), Nights in Rodanthe (2008) and Dear John (2010) from now.

p/s: I heard that True Believer and The Lucky One are expected to be released this year and his latest novel which is Safe Haven should begin its production some time also in this year.. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Standard Malay?

Listening to Insha'Allah in Malay version by Maher Zain always make me laugh my heart out. His way of pronouncing the Malay words sounds so cute ! How do I say it... If in English, we have 'Standard English'. But for Malay language, 'Standard Malay'? Hahaha... *Don't believe that word. It didn't exist, I think.* Maher Zain is actually using Bahasa Melayu baku. Cute isn't it? Even the Malaysian newscasters didn't use that language... nowadays.

To tell the truth, I always love watching a foreigner trying his best to speak in my mother tongue.. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How a girl count her day for a date? - Part 1

When a girl know that she'll go for a date, the first thing that she'll do is smile. Then smile again, and again. After that, she'll get excited. Sometimes, she'll jump and jump and jump... until she's tired. But I guess, on the first day... she never will.

After she's done with all the jumping and smiling, she'll take a deep breath and starts to find a calendar. She'll make a circle on it with a red pen or a red marker...

 In this case, the circle was a bit small.

The closer look of the picture... still look small.

Well, that circle... it's not enough...
There's one last thing...

She just had to...

She just had to make a very big reminder for it !

p/s: no wonder that circle was small. [-.-'] hahaha.