Sunday, February 28, 2010

its the day before today

Smlm g low yat... teman vee beli fon baru with ede skali... best hang out ngan diorang... tp mcm banyak sgt kekecewaan jer...

1. Tetibe leh terminat kt Nokia Mini N97 tu lak.. tp x mampu nk beli... RM2000
2. Speaker Sonic Gear yg comel tu tersangat best ! tp xde budget tuk beli mende2 neh lg..
3. Portable Hard Disk.. 500GB ! Murah ! Terigt kt lappy yg 80GB jer neh...
4. Paling kecewa... Donut Big Apple The Alien tu habes.. nk tggu lame lg... kecewa giler smpai nanges kt low yat tu... windu The Alien... T-T

but still... all in all... it was a great day even thou penat... and me ader gak shop few things.. ;p

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

boleh tahan !

french class aja me


Deus million neuf cent trente-trois mille huit cent
soixante-onze virgule neuf cinq

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

cuti dah habes !

tidaaaaaaaak !

me skrg dah ader balek kt UNISEL
safe and sound
bile nk lek taiping lg ?

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

a heart's rhapsody

I've been looking for a boy

Who can change my days to night
I've been looking for a boy
Who only talks about me

In my dreams I can see my guy
And when I see him , he seems unreal
His every gesture better than mine
My heart feels he just might be real

I had read about him sometime
That he'll be waiting for me somewhere
He'll be my beloved just like i'll be his

Love is impossible ;

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

~ better if u just ignore the post

Ramai org da ckp... hidup tu susah... tmbh2 susah lau melibatkn hati n perasaan org laen...

Sebagai sorang ibu... Mesti la dy nk tgk anak dy hepi kn... As for my mama, she did see that in her daughter when her daughter fallin' deeply madly in love... Naluri ibu ckp... I have to make sure that the guy didn't cheat on her... So she ask the guy herself whether the guy serious 'bout the relationship... It turn out , he is... To him, the relationship is committed for a better future.. But then, this is where the problem starts...

The guy clarifies that he wants to get married with the girl... So the mama wants to make sure that those things will happen by planning for an engagement... Plus, x manis to let her only daughter go for dates without any official ties cz the all the aunties and uncles, and also the cousins will start to talk... To make things worse, those aunties and uncles already know the guy's families cz the guy's mom is mama's best friend and my mak angkat... Another reason, tgn mama sbelah kiri sort of lumpuh... and my grandmother kinda old also.. So both of them kinda put quite a high hope on us selagi they still can move around... Nk dijadikn cerita lg... Every end of the year, mama will hold Kenduri Tahlil... Kebetulan... For Kenduri Tahlil in the end of this year, all the aunties and uncles even dari jauh will come... It'll be like a get-together event... So it makes the hopes even higher..

In contrast to the situation , these two lovers does not really ready for the 'status'... Especially 'bout all the responsibilities for the future... When you already titled as a 'fiancee', of course you have to think for the future... That is what scares them the most... Even though they clarify for the marriage thingy, it doesn't mean that they want it to be this early... They still need some time to settle down... Think things through...

So now... For the girl... She's stuck in the middle.. She can sacrifice her desire, her thought for the sake of both sides... the mama and the guy... But now , her concern is... Will the guy agree to the plan like what the mama hoped for cz the girl kinda already know the guy's thought... And if she goes with the guys thought , how will she tell her mama ? For sure she needs a reason that wont make the guy look bad... In other words, using herself as a reason... But by using herself, for sure the mama will not agree and she'll get a ceramah from mama... The girl loves the guy very much so she didn't want to explain anything or talk about the plan with the guy cz she afraid that the guy will feel as if he's forced for the engagement...

Any decision she choose... She'll break the other person's heart...

The hardest question is ,
Which heart that she have to keep from breaking ?

If she choose the mama and the guy feel like he's been forced for a relationship, the risk of the guy leave the girl's side is high... And if she choose the guy's heart, she'll result in neglecting her mama's own hope.. The mama that gave birth to her, educate her...

People may say , it'll be quite a long time until the end of the year... So you don't have to think bout the answer now... But... What people may not know... This is the hardest question i've ever get... It'll take a very long time to find a solution...

So now, while writing the post
all she can do is crying
and hoping for a better solution

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

hey , it valentine's day !

14th Feb... As people would say... Valentine's ! Well... do we really need some so-called special day to celebrate our loved ones ? Being romantic for a day rather than for the whole relationship doesn't make you a great lover...

My way... to make relationship stronger... Make him / her to love you more every single day... Rather than waiting for a single day (Valentine's Day) to do something special for your loved ones... How about doing it every day ? Do something different each time... and make sure you have the time necessary to do it....

Some of the simplest things to do... Tell the one you loved , in your own special way... Post it in him / her online network site... Send romantic messages , voice mail maybe... or even love letter... You can also post it in your blog... Take a picture of you with a heart on your palm and slip it in his wallet... *I've done the picture.. and it worked*

You don't have to be romantic for this... Just show your loved ones that you care about them... They will understand... Just like Ronan Keating's song... You say it best when you say nothing at all !

Like I said ; Make the one you loved , love you more and more each day.... Start the day with something sweet... and end it with something sweeter !

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

tension bile badan lemau

perkara yg agak x menarik da terjadi

ari khamis malam jumaat ritu me tito umah family abg kt Ipoh
so pg jumaat tu abg antr me lek taiping
masalahnyer.... elok je pas 2-3 jam abg gerak lek dari umah me...
me terus demam dgn teroknyer... skrg ni pn tgh menaip dlm keadaan lemau
demam rindu ke ?

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

menaip smbil tersenyum bahagier

psst... pssstt...
dgrla ni... me nk gtau...

me ngah online ni...
dari umah abang !

sukerr !

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Monday, February 8, 2010

its just some mumbles

there is another habit of mine... each time i woke up...
I open up my eyes and start counting the days in my head...
Can't wait for Chinese New Year holiday...
He's coming to pick me up here in UNISEL.
Seriously i miss him so damn much...
Last time me jumpa dy , 6hb December dulu... the day i got Alieya...
So up until now... It should be around 2month and 2 days...
Wow... It's killing me ya know...

well... had to off for class now..
got presentation in the evening !
...wish me luck...

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

jadi ke tak jadi keje ni

konon2 nyer la kn... rini me nk siapkn intro ngan update presentation tuk software evaluation... tp mslhnyer.. otak ni tgh fikir... me nk gune rm200 duit bonus tu tuk shopping ap ? hahahahaha... bahayer... da mcm makin critical... yg pasti... nk beli suar baru kaler hazel... a handbag... and tudung lg... lau ad lebih... few shirts la kot...

and yeah
to Fadhlul, my ex-schoolmate
Wishing u a happy memorable life

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

saya nak movie marathon saya

satu2nyer time me nyer hobi movie marathon ni leh di'activate'kn adalah stiap weekend...
but tuk weekend kali nie... rasenyer hobi tergendala...

Dlm proses mendownload Heroes Season 4...
Nape dlm byk2 eps... Eps 17 yg broken link ?
ha ! tekanan tol !
Cmne nk marathon lau satu eps x dpt nk download ?
hu.... Geram geram geram...
Anyone got link Heroes S04E17 yg still alive ?

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Friday, February 5, 2010

masih belum tahap shop-a-holic

most of kwn2 me mmg da tau... sblm ni me free hair.. but now me da memakai tudung full time... so skrg ni... me mempunyai kegilaan terbaru.. selain wat koleksi bags and shoes... me jgk da start mewujudkn koleksi tudung ! hahahaha... me gak da start pkai tudung yg sblm ni me anti giler... bile da try.. ok gak.... and yeah.. bru dua hari lepas me shopping tudung syria ! bru nk try neh.. wlaupun org laen da brkurun pkai... seronok ouh g shopping !

p/s: dua hari lepas... ter'shopping' Crocs bru... so secare x rasminye mewujudkn koleksi Crocs jgk !

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

kate nak adventure

Me skrg ngah pening neh... 
Mane nk cari pakej g Gua Tempurung yg siap accomodation , transport and activities... 
Lau siap foods lg bgs... Ni bru keje nk cari pakej neh.. da pening. Seb baek kje kumpulan... 
Cmne la nnt bile da smpai time nk kne wat proposal sume... 
Tu la.. Cmne leh merangkap secretary lak... 
Time tu da ujung sem tu... Assignment pn bertimbun... Terpakse la... 

Me kne prepare diri me... 
Physically utk aktiviti tu... 
Mentally utk proses2 sblm nk pegi tu... 
Chet... [-.-']

be my wonderwall ; will you ?