Friday, January 14, 2011

I have an extraordinary daughter.

That's what my mom says when I came back from Jusco last Sunday. In case if you wonder, the story should go like this...

Mom:  Angah tak nak ke pergi klinik Dr. Sudha tu? Mak tengok mcm dah makin teruk tu.
Me   :  Hmm... Mesti ke?
Mom:  Nak ke nnt kalau teruk sampai dah tak boleh nak rawat?
Me   :  Err... Mmg taknak.
Mom:  Dah tu? Mak tgk ramai kawan2 mak pegi specialist tu. Diorang dah makin sihat dah sekarang.
Me   :  Angah bukan aper... Tak suka nanti dy masukkan kamera dalam badan.
Mom:  Yeke?
Me   :  Iye la. Tp xpela... Nanti angah pegi.. tp dengan satu syarat...
Mom:  Ape?
Me   :  Kasut tinggi satu... *with a big grin*

My mom had to agree since she had been asking me to meet the doctor for months and this is the first time I  say 'yes'. Its not that I want to disobey her but I really don't like walking into a clinic... especially with the facts that they will put a camera in me... that's why I had to ask for something and make it as a reason for me to go there..

Then the story goes with my dad gave me some money to buy the high heels... Amazingly, I spent each and every cent until there's nothing left. See? I'm a shopaholic.. T-T  ...What makes it worse is that... I came back with a jacket and a purse but not a pair of high heels. Luckily my dad didn't ask me the price of the purse and the jacket...

I think, if I had to collect all the receipt and calculate all their money that I had spent during this mid-semester break... They may faint when they know the sum. Just imagine,

- a SODA jacket
- a Carlo Rino purse
- a Giordano cardigan
- and a Giordano jeans
- a pair of high heels from Red Modani
- a Swiss Polo handbag
- a top from Shop-a-Lot

and not to mention, some other minor things also... I had books 'to buy' in my mind but I think I should just let it stay in my mind only. So now, how to pack all these things in my bags?

p/s: I think I'll also faint when I know the sum.. haish.. what a great money-waste(r)..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

life is full with great things :)

Tau tak ape perkara paling heaven yg boleh buat bile balik hometown?

Hahahahaha ! Shopping ! 
Giler... addiction semakin bertambah !

Bahaye kan?

p/s: I'm officially engaged on 1.1.11 haritu. Just click here to read the story. :)