Monday, October 24, 2011

I hope that I am worthy of you.

People can always make plans, but Allah is the one who hold the strings.

Through these past few weeks, I've been busy.. and for that, I am so sorry for the people around me. And when I think that I had just started to breathe, as I am now back in my hometown... my life really had take a major turn.

Getting married is not just about you and your partner.
Its about your family and his'.
Its about how well you can understand each other.
... understanding all the elements that you had in you.
and your other half...
and in the end, complement each other.

When I say 'yes' on the day you proposed, I'm aware of the things that I had to face. The thing that I had to learn, and the thing that I had to understand. Getting married to an only son of the family requires me to make a careful considerations. You hold a big responsibility with the family and yet you'll hold another responsibility with me. But I am not that worried. I know who you are, I know that you'll manage. You just had to learn. We had to learn. And when the time comes; when we are worthy of being a partner to each other, our days then will just filled with smiles... :)

#I know that you're worried about me. But no matter how long I'll have to wait,
I'll stay.