Thursday, October 28, 2010

iPhone on your netbook?

Who said it is not possible to have an iPhone-like experience? You can have it on your netbook. I was introduced with Ubuntu by my older brother who is currently a software engineer. To tell the truth, I do fall in love with this OS as soon as I started using it.

I loooooove it's simple graphic !

Picture source: Ubuntu
This should be the desktop.

See the features for movies? Isn't it great?

Seriously I love this OS especially with the fact that you can have it alongside with your Windows. I think I'll start using Ubuntu for leisures and Windows only for my works or assignments. Hahaha. You can see more of Ubuntu features here.

Hugs and Kisses, 

Fantasi yang Menarik.

Cuti2 mcm ni jd rase rindu sgt lak nk tgk cite Heroes.

Cite Heroes adalah cite fantasi yang menarik. No doubt that I am actually a Heroes's addict. Its amazing to see how the Tim Kring relates these enormous amount of characters to each other. There's a link between each and single thing to one another which makes the story more interesting. Disebabkan minat yg berterusan, diri sendiri dah jd pengumpul DVD Heroes yg setia.

Unfortunately, NBC announced the show's cancellation on May 14, 2010 due to the high costs of production, diminished viewing and an increase in other programming (source: Wikipedia). Giler mengecewakan and it seems there are no other news on the revival of the series surfaced. Lagi bertambah2 mengecewakan...

Gosh, I miss Heroes.
Plus, I already fall-in-love with Sylar. *literally*

Can you imagine how it would be if you all-time favourite series ends up
without any ending?

At least wrap it up, please... :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Final exam dah habis. Dah dua hari dah habis. Oleh itu, diri sendiri dah selamat balik ke hometown. Tapi.. Tapi... Bile masuk rumah, kepala mengalami tekanan yang agak tinggi berbanding ketika study. Keadaan rumah agak serabut buat masa sekarang. Serious. 


Dapur rumah sedang direnovasi.

Tu yang agak serabut tu. Barang2 dapur sesat kt ruang tamu segala. Naseb tempat tidur masih selesa. Hahaha. Tidur tu yg paling penting pun. Tp xpela... Tak sabar nak tengok hasil dy nnt mcm mane. So, guess we'll have to wait for that...

p/s: sekarang tgh sibuk mengira hari untuk pegi holiday... :)

I think its time to turn back to Aslyn.

I still remember, it was during my form five years when I hear her song for the first time. My brother was browsing through his mail and excitedly turn over to me just to say that a girl dedicated the song to him. I have to admit, that song really captures my heart.

That's when I Love You by Aslyn

The song is about a girl who really love a guy. No matter what the guy do, the girl will keep on loving him. It is really a sweet song. Guess you should try and hear it yourself... 

p/s: been trying really hard to update it with the mp3 player but Google Chrome keep on crashing. Therefore, I cancel the player. Sorry. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Have you ever heard about the 3 Idiots ?

This should be a long story... again, should be. It all started with a good friend of mine, Ika. She left her lappy at home and next time she came back, her older brother told her about the 3 Idiots that he put in her lappy. After a short period of time, I came to know about the existence of the 3 Idiots in her lappy so I decided to take a look.

and I am successful to do so, last night... after being encouraged by Ika herself.

Did I forget to mention that this is a Hindi movie?

I do know that some people may have different view on Hindi movies. However, in my opinion... This movie is a bit different. Its abit philosophical and interesting especially for those who wants to look at the world differently. This movie is mainly about the friendship, the importance of education and how people look at it.

"Now rewind the last 1minute of our life a bit and think. When I asked this question, has anybody ever thought that today we will get something new to learn? Anyone...? No. Everyone sunk in race. What's the use if you come first with studying like this? Will you improve your knowledge? No. Only pressure will increase.. and this is a college. Not a pressure cooker. The lion in the circus also learns to sit on the chair fearing the whip held in its owner's hand. But we call such lions as well trained, not well educated."

The question that he asked is actually just a random question. But somehow, nobody ever notice that such terms did not exist and yet they sunk into a race to find the definition of the terms. This part really do reminds me of what education supposed to be. All this while, everything is just about memorization and not the understanding and passion... and yeah, I think I should start the new semester with a whole new perception.

"We will study, with complete dedication. But not only to pass exams. Never study to become successful, but study for self-efficiency. Don't run behind success. Follow behind excellence. Then success will come all the way behind you."

This is my favorite quote of the movie. I think I'll try and see if it'll became true... 

p/s: I fall in love with this movie much more than the Slumdog Millionaire.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sejak hari first start exam...

Ta penah study sorang. Tp malam ni laen sket... Konon2 nak study sorang2 la... But end up in sleeping instead. Hahaha. Tak sabar nak tunggu exam habes. Then, hello ! Malacca...

Study sorang sangat tak best.
Tp sesuai la pun untuk subject 'prose forms and poetry' neh...


Sekarang siape yg poyo?

Mase aku bahagia, kau canang cerita hidup aku merata. Sedap mulut mengutuk, tokok tambah cerita. Takpe, aku ngadu kt blog je. Aku tak kecoh kt fesbuk sbb buat mcm tu pun xde guna. Sekadar mintak simpati org supaya nampak innocent mcm yg kau selalu buat tu la. Kau tak malu ke weh sume org bace status ko yg sbnrnye busuk ati tu?

Tp takpe la. Sekarang hidup kau yg tunggang-langgang. What goes around comes around. Hidup kau merana padahal aku tetap tgh bahagia. Oh ye, jangan perasan sbb mmg aku tak pernah doa pun supaya hidup kau jadi mcm tu. Kau yang tentukan hidup kau. So sekarang siape yg poyo? Mestila kau kan sbb dulu kau kecoh2 pasal hidup org... padahal hidup kau yg tunggang-langgang. Sebab tu org selalu pesan, jangan nak ego sgt ar. Mengaku je la semua salah kau... Tak payah nak tolak kesalahan kt semua org yg tgh bahagia kt keliling kau.

Dulu kau kat atas roda...
Sekarang kau kat belah bawah roda...
Baru kau rase kn?

Aku harap kau ingat la... mulut kau yg asyik canang cerita tu tak kemana.
Aku *dan mereka yg pernah jd mangsa kau* tetap bahagia. Kau sorang je yg merana.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I feel like one of the BIGgest burden had been lifted up.

Not more than one and a half hour ago, I just finish my Sociolinguistics examination. Seriously, that is one 'hell' of a paper. The subject is supposed to be a fun subject as it had gain my interest. However, it think it is far too complicated. Ok, maybe not that complicated. I'm exaggerating. But still its complicated. Most of the time we had to analyze some items.

...which usually result in 40pages assignment.

Ok, back to the exam story. I was too nervous to face the examination today. No matter how many times I memorize the notes, I still feel that I'm not ready. Seriously, I'm not trying to be proud but I think I managed to memorize all of it. Just imagine how nervous I am.... Just few minutes before entering the hall, I starts to have heavy-breathing. I am so nervous until it made me feel that I can die from it.

Guess this is what you called as KILLER-subject.

I think I'll have to give a big hug to this paper. I'm thankful to it because for the first time in my life, my mind feels blank as soon as the invigilator announce that we can start answering the paper. I was blank for almost 10minutes. I just don't know what to write... even the number of the question. It was so funny. True that I feel tense through the examination but I do laugh at myself after I walk out of the hall.

This is quite an experience.
*but I hope I won't have to experience this again.*

p/s: Its time to have some beauty sleep. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Told ya, don't put your hopes too high.

One of the worst feeling of being a bride or almost a bride is when knowing that one of your 'precious one' might not come on your important day. It obviously feels worst when you thought 'that very precious person' might even not have the intention of attending it.

It do remind me of Bride Wars... except that I might have a different ending.

p/s: I think I should try harder to make the 'precious one' as ONCE the 'precious one' rather than just crying my heart out and end up with some difficulties to breath.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Looks.

Blog Bridezilla dah berwajah baru.
I loike... ^__^

p/s: lepas dinner nnt Cakap-Cakap Random pun bakal dimake-up.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I need my tears
to keep myself in silence
even if it hurts

I need my tears
to keep myself in peace
with words in my heart
that always left unspoken

I need my tears
to help me realize
how much my love for you.

I need my tears.

even during the time where no one dies.

The Urge Again.

If I didn't have to save some money.... I'll surely grab this...

this purple-colored suit can make me cry !
*boleh pakai buat main badminton*

and also if one day I happen to get my chance to go to New Zealand, I want this !

Cantik kan?

These clothes are from Abercrombie & Fitch...
You can buy these online through Edward Pearly's facebook, btw...

p/s: I think I need a break from my shopping urge. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Esok masih ader paper.

dan petang td sempat lg bermain badminton.
walaupun maen x lama.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Wow.. Tomorrow.

Gosh. Today is quite is busy day. I woke up early in the morning with quite an enthusiastic feeling just to find out that I had to wait for another 200++ people in line... in order to settle the deposit of the hostel fees. I had wasted my time for almost 5hours waiting for my turn. If only I had bring all my notes...

Officially, tomorrow I'll have to face the first paper for my final exam. I'm not ready. *and yet I'm still writing a blog* So far, I do hate exams. But I also know that there are a lot of benefits from it. In fact, I like the feeling when I walk out of the exam hall after answering the final paper. I don't really have any problem in studying... I never stressed myself out because of it. The only problem I had with studying is feeling sleepy... and yeah, the burdening headache too because of a lot of reading.

Guess, enough said for now.
I'm just writing to overcome the nervousness.

Its been a while after my last date with the finals.

Wish me all the best.  :)

p/s: Happy Birthday to the greatest BFF in the whole life ! Zaki, hadiah birthday taun ni 'anime'... Hahahaha... :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Even one simple thing can make you smile. I believe that, thou.

Just a simple collection of drops of water turns out to be cute. I open up my eyes for the day, hoping that it'll be better than the day before. They usually don't. But for that one simple day, I manage to smile with the early shines of the sun. I shall say my thanks to a bottle of carbonated drink.


p/s: I just found out that the name of the girl who sing the relaxed version of 'Love the Way You Lie' is Stephanie Gee. She got a really great voice. I love her version of the song. 

Done, I wish.

Ouh hey, its just that... for four months (approx). I totally forgot that I have my own private diary... which is quite funny, I guess. Usually I wrote those lovey dovey mushy emo stuffs in that diary. No wonder I feel weird when I look at this blog. Seems like everytime I want to write a new post, I kind of feeling lost. I don't know what to write. In the end, I just expressing myself.

So now, as I've discovered the diary which I shall say have been buried for months... I guess from now on this blog will be free from those 'unrelated' weird post. *I wish*

Don't worry, I'll try my best to make that happen. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hari ni En. Google nampak comel sgt.
Tu yg terasa nak buat satu dedikasi post untuk En. Google.

Gambar En. Google hari ni.

Comel kn kn kn? X tau En. Google pakai cantik2 mcm ni sempena event ap.. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010


tau blog ni dah semakin menjiwang. walaupun wujud blog bridezilla utk tujuan tu, jari ni tetap jugak taip ayt2 lovey duvey segala. banyak kali dah cuba niat nak tulis bende2 biase, tp idea mcm x nak kua sbb otak penuh dgn En. Kekasih Hati je. ader jugak usha2, blogwalk konon2 nak belajar... dlm erti kata lain, nak alih fokus fikiran sbnrnye... tp alih2 blogwalk kt blog bride-to-be lak... hahaha. so fokus fikiran pun patah balik kt En. Kekasih Hati.

cmne eh?
saya tak pandai nak tulis style cool hatkor mcm blog resakse.
saya jugak tak pandai nak reka ayat cantik2 mcm blog words left unspoken.
saya xde pun gadget best nak tgkp gmbr cantik2 ganti menaip mcm blog philosophy meets art

tapi nak jugak tulis blog bg nampak style bile bace. hahaha.
jeles sbb blog diorang style... :)

okeh... cukup pasal blog. Ni bru nak buat pengakuan sbnar.

"Keinginan untuk kembali shopping sangatla membuak-buak sekarang."

Err.... hati dah mule niat neh. Dulu puasa shopping sbb nk buat baju tunang punye pasal, tp skrg dah beli da. tinggal nk tunggu fitting jer. Oleh itu... sekarang... dalam fikiran... I need new blouses, jeans, cardi and shoes. Masih lagi termimpi2 blouse Forever 21. Tiap2 kali nak keluar rumah terbayang Summit punyer new arrival high heels... ader satu yg ala2 snakeskin tu mmg style.. 

Lagipun, peluang tuk g shopping tu ngah terbayang2 kt mata neh... tinggal tggu En. Kekasih Hati balik dan voila ! hello new shoes, jeans and blouse ! hehehe. Plus, nak kena g cari kemeja dgn En. Kekasih Hati utk dy pakai masa engagement nnt. Last time kemeja magenta En. Kekasih Hati beli kt SEED so this time mcm nk usha kt G2000. hmm... design kemeja diorang cm best. Hehehe. mule berkenan ngan design diorang mase big bro beli kemeja utk convo dy ritu... 

dan.... yg paling x saba... nk shopping tuk neh...

nak beli engagement ring !

 *gmbr ni teaser je*
ni gmbr dgn En. Kekasih Hati
mse g cari cincin tanda tuk merisik hari tu.

ngee ~ 
can't wait for it.

*grinning with wide blinking eyes*