Friday, October 19, 2012

I just pour my heart out

I've been having these mixed up feeling for a while now. The days for the wedding is getting near. Somewhat, towards the end I feel glad that I agree to the sudden proposal he made several years ago. A really sudden proposal, when you've just being a close friend with him for around 3 months? Crazy, right? And even I just agree without thinking. You could say, I have a hunch that I should say yes.

Who would've ever taught that the person who is actually your long-lost childhood friend will be your partner through life. If I were to say, I don't really know him before. It is only about him remembering me for all these years even though I am not very sure of his existence. As I met him from years to years, I always thought that he's very arrogant. Even though there are only both of us standing side by side, he still won't utter a word. As I learn more about him, it turns out that he didn't really speak to girls. Its not that he's arrogant, he's actually just being shy which actually makes him looks cute.

After we have engaged, I started to learn more and more about him. As in when is his birthday, what his taste is like, what had happened in his past, etc. etc. To me, he has a very amazing character in which is totally different from me. Kind of the exact opposite.

I love to talk.
He love to listen.
I am quite a lazy bum.
He is very hardworking.
I get angry easily.
He is very calm.

He didn't particularly like reading.
I love books.
He love vegetables.
I am choosy with veges that I want to eat.
He's from Kuala Kangsar in which rich of Durians.
I can't eat Durian, I won't, and I can't even smell them.

In sum, he's the exact opposite.

There's only 6 weeks and 6 days left until our wedding day. I hope that everything will go on smoothly and we can paint our marriage with the colors of rainbows. InsyaAllah. :)