Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its red, and its weird.

Its 3.38 now and I was wondering why did the sky looks red?
Oh well... don't mind that.

I just got so busy on this past few days because of some silly project that I had in mind. I am enthusiastic in making this project since I don't intend to play around with this silly idea. I was calling it 'silly' because it does sound so. When I first told my friends about the idea, all of them were asking me like.. are you serious? Hahaha. They say I don't look like I'm serious. I do agree that this project do seem like a really big project that can change the course of your life. Since it was that big.. It might be seen as impossible for me.

But I don't mind.

I don't intend to reveal what is the project, for now. I'll update later on that. Guess, you'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I'll be busy until I might have to neglect this blog for few days, or weeks. *or maybe months* I am so sorry for that. Till then, adios... :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nak tau beza lame dengan cool?

*Quick update sebelum g mencari dinner.*

Bukan susah nak beza lame dengan cool... Tak percaye?
Macam ni...

  • Lame bile bangun awal pagi lepas tu pegi library.
  • Cool bile tido sepanjang hari sampai pening kepala bile bangun. 
  • Lame bile asyik minat fanatik segala kat artis2.
  • Cool bile minat diri sendiri karaoke dalam toilet sambil mandi.
  • Lame bile asyik promote ak pandai masak segala konon bakal isteri mithali.
  • Cool bile senyap2 golek2 nampak mcm ular sawa tapi bile masak power giler.
  • Lame bile bile promote diri  konon2 trendy habes beli barang jenama segala. *siap bgtau harga, hahaha.* 
  •  Cool bile senyap2 je g shopping. Tau2 duit habis sbb barang jenama mahal sgt.
  • Lame bile kau pelajar biase buat2 gaya mcm wakil MPP. Sibuk sana sini.
  • Cool bile ko rilek je hang out dengan membe2. Tup tup dokumen segala da siap submit. *takde sape tau bile ko buat dokumen tu.*

Da la.. tak tau dah nak tulis mcm mane lg. Diri sendiri mestila tergolong kat label COOL tu walaupun definisi dy adalah repekan semata-mata. Hehehe. Dah lapar dah... Nak out blog pas tu say Hello! to dinner.. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

bila dah duduk sorang2 time cuti ni

Mule la nak rase bosan... tak tau nak buat apa, nak cakap dengan siape...

Aktiviti paling bermanfaat yg boleh buat pn, maen game jela... haish...
and oh, maybe cube mengkreatifkan diri buat jadual tuk board.. hehehe.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miracle, please?

I hate it when every single thing seems like foreshadowing a near future.
*I know its just my feelings. But, I guess I can't help it.*

Last semester really took my breath away. I was so tired with all the seven subjects until I cry so hard and I nearly gave up on my studies. As for my final examination, I had lower results than my previous semester. I was quite lucky to be able to maintain my CGPA above 3.00+ since my foundation year. I was quite devastated because of the results. That's why I was trying so hard during my semester break to gather my courage in order to return for this semester.

Sadly, I return to this semester just to meet with lots and lots of other bad news. The university had moved our faculty into a different building which was quite far than our previous building. Then, because of the 'moving' issues, the management still can't decide where our class will be. It might be in our faculty's 'new' building or in other places.

To make it worse, I have a total of six subjects for this semester...
and all of them are heavy subjects.

Can you see my timetable? They just love to make the classes on the evening.
Gosh, this is a sign for an upcoming problem. [-.-']

I just can feel it especially when it'll affect my engagement celebration.

p/s: Guess I should just pray that I'll manage it, somehow...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I just waste a day.

I have lots and lots of free time for now.
and I don't know how to fill it.

So I decided to doll myself up and force a friend of mine to snap a picture of me *literally*. Crazy? Yeah, I know. This was just a waste of time. But I guess its better than surfing the net for hours and cause yourself a headache.. I think I'm gonna get some sleep now 'cause I can't wait to have 'Kuey Teow Bandung' for dinner.

Craving for food is a healthy habit.. for me.
Hahaha. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ouh, scary !

what will you do if you encounter a snake?


Hahaha. Yes, you won't see me saying that I'll kill it since I don't want to end up looking so pathetic. I guess the only possible reaction is me, staring at the snake and end up panicking. I was so lucky that the snake I had just met was a dead one. Someone must have kill it earlier. 

p/s: Having 'ayam masak lemak cili api' for dinner was a great idea... :)

Now I'm back to UNI.Hell

Ok. Maybe its not hell. I'm exaggerating. Still, I hate to be here *except for the fact that I'm now staying with all my gorgeous friends*. I didn't plan to get back early thou... because of certain problems, I woke up early in the morning just to find myself packing things as fast as I can.

Guess I am lucky to arrive just 10 minutes before the counter gets officially closed.
*and also because En. Kekasih Hati is the one who sent me*

Its quite tiring when you have to face traffic jam inside the campus because of the convocation day that went on the same day with our registration day. They open up a bazaar around the convocation area. That is why the place went 'havoc'. Seriously, there are lots and lots of cars. En. Kekasih Hati got so tired with the traffic jam and decided to park our car. We sat on a bench and have a small chat. But yeah, most of the time passes with me staring at his tiring face and carve it on my memory. He sent me back to the hostel after we had our dinner. I do feel reluctant to leave the car when we arrived. He looked so tired and that made me worry. Therefore, he tries so hard to give his best smile in order to ease my heart. He even told me that he had a great time being with me for the whole day just before he drove away. Few seconds later, I found myself burst into tears. I'm a mushy girl, isn't it?

Well, my first day here ends with me unpacking my things..

and this is where I keep all my inspirations... Hahaha. I hope I will make it through this semester... :) 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ministry of Moment: Just Like Contest.

Just Like Contest ni adalah contest yang dianjurkan oleh Ministry of Moment (MOM). MOM is actually a group where professionals in the field of photography gather. This contest gives you a chance to win a FREE Photography Package worth RM2000 !  psst.. You will also stand a chance to win 30% off for any photography package of your choice... Styleeee !

Oh, before I forgot... Hi, Roe !
Thank you for introducing the contest to me... :)
*Roe is the co-organizer of the contest.*

All you have to do is:

1. Search for MINISTRY OF MOMENT page in Facebook and click “Like”.

2. Go to ‘Photos’ and find a folder named ‘Contest’.

3. Pick one picture that you like from the folder and write a creative entry in your blog with the title; Ministry of Moment : Just Like contest and tell us why do you like that picture.

4. Under the picture, type; source: Ministry of Moment with link http://www.ministryofmoment.com/

5. Once done, leave the permalink of your entry in the comment box of this entry together with your facebook’s username.

Contest ends: 30 November 2010 (12pm)
You can read the original entry on the contest here.

Here goes the picture;

At first, I do had quite a rough time to choose the picture that caught my interest the most since the album itself contains lots of beautiful and interesting pictures. But still, when it comes to choosing 'a' picture... I choose the picture above since that picture was the first picture that caught my eyes. The first thing that I love about the picture is the pose of the bride and groom... For some reason, I can see the love's sweetness through them. There are also the bright light in the picture's background which complement the pose thus make the picture seems so pure. And yeah, the small sight of building makes the picture looks simple and helps to direct the viewer's focus towards the bride and the groom. It is great to see that this picture conveys a lot of sentimental quality.

Lastly, I shall say that the greatest quality of the picture was shown when...
It made my heart full with a phrase that says "Love is Beautiful"...


Friday, November 19, 2010

UNICEF - Raise Your Hands, Stop Child Abuse !

Have you heard about UNICEF - Get On Board's campaign? Well, I found the campaign just recently. Get on Board is a "peoples' campaign" by UNICEF to provide the Malaysian public with the knowledge, insights and resources to stop child abuse.

You will just have to spend around 5minutes of your time.
*and yeah, those 5minutes will surely do make a difference*

Jom angkat tangan ramai-ramai !

Join the supporters. Just click here if you want to show that you care. I have already raised my hands... so come and join me... hehehe. :)

Saya ada Idol !

dan idol saya sangat cantik. Woah, bile tgk dy je.. selalunya saya boleh dapat inspirasi sebab idol saya cantik. Malangnya, setiap inspirasi yg datang dari idol fesyen saya tu menyebabkan hati saya berkobar-kobar untuk shopping.

Masalah kan?
Ada sape boleh bantu?

p/s: mungkin lepas ni kena jalan pakai blindfold supaya saya tak terserempak dengan idol saya dan dapat inspirasi.. hahahaha.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


There's always something to do when you fall. Yeah, people tend to fall at least once in their whole lifetime.  Still, what do they do when they fall?

Guess it depends..

picture source: Chillon_28 Flickr

This can be another option. 

and what's making it great is that you are the one who create the story. You can always change the ending. Its up to you. As long as you start living it... :)

Ver-ra-ngan !

Ouh, time2 nak balik UNISEL ni la shopping urge nyer level nak naik. Haish... Banyak mende dlm wishlist neh... Xpe2. Beli satu2... So, letak list dlm blog ye... Senang nnt nk refer... Sape2 nk rujuk wishlist ni tuk bg hadiah birthday pun boleh jugak.. *mentang2 la birthday da dekat* Hahaha.

1. High Heels
black heels from SUMMIT Shoes.
Lame giler aim kasut ni... Love design dy yg ala2 snakeskin tuh..

grey color mcm lg gorgeous je ! :D

2. Shawls

fuhh... sangat2 berkenan dgn shawl SKK07 tu...
really love the color... shawl ni from Fame and Fabulous.

yg ni pun comel.. from Mz Couture
da la diorang tgh sale... T-T
yg belah bawah tu lg cantik warne dy..

3. Jacket / Cardigan

tgk cardi lace tu... sunggoh la cute...

jacket mcm tu pun comel jugak... 
dua2 cardi ni from Pretty Moment.

Ni pulak dari Facebook Rara Fesyen...

4. Waist Belt

Ni pun dari Pretty Moment. Tp dah sold out.
Nnt nk cari yg ala2 mcm ni jgk...

5. Jam Tangan

Nak jam baru since the last one dah tercicir
 dlm KTM yg sesak mase kuar dating ritu..
da la baru pkai seminngu... Sebak giler rase bile perasan jam da xde...
Jam kt gmbr tu jam GUESS. Setakat ni mmg xpenah lg berminat nk pkai jam design lain.. Design ala bracelet jgk yg nak... Hahaha.

Banyak kn dalam list tu... Fuhh.. Tgk jela nnt yg mane je dpt tercapai... Memandangkan poket pun x berapa nak penuh... Sabar jela... Tapi papepun.. High heels tetap priority. Korang tolong doakan semoga Nana berjaya kumpul duit ye.. Hahaha... :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That is a good news !

Boleh balik UNISEL on Sunday !
Thank GOD I don't have to get back on Friday...


org third class mentaliti selalu datangkn masalah..

siapa yang boleh jamin kalau ak rahsiakan pertunangan ak, biar sedara mara je tau.. xkn ad org yg kutuk2 belakang ckp ak lupe kawan, bertunang x bgtau bla bla bla... tacing2 kecoh2 ckp buruk pasal ak? sape boleh jamin? angkat tangan !

kalau tak boleh, dah.. 
fcuk off !
tak payah ckp byk dgn ak.
bertunang elok dirahsiakan segala
padahal mulut korang yg xleh senyap kalau ak x bgtau..

korang mcm sial kn?
ckp lain buat lain !

ak x tau pulak ko x reti beza kad jemputan ngan surat khabar...
hahaha...  ak tak marah. ak saje nk sakitkn hati ko dgn kata2 kesat. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am walking towards the end of the holidays and guess, I'll venture into a new chapter.

So far, I do realized that I'm not a 'friend' person. I've been comfortable with handling things on my own. Solving my own problems *thou, sometimes I fail and nearly made me attempt to kill myself*. Its not that I'm such an arrogant person. Its just that I don't really trust in that 'friend' term since I've been back-stabbed by those so-called friends so many times. Yeah, you know.. .girls. They just love doing that.

picture source: applesrevenge
from left to right: vinn, ika, ede, me and syaf

I don't really have that much friends, you know. I mean, those who really close to me. But as I grew older, guess I'll proudly say that I have quite a number of friends that I really love. *They say, as you grew older... you get wiser.* Yeah, you heard right... I love them. They are the ones that show me the real friendship. They'll wipe your tears when you're sad, they'll give you advice when you're wrong... and what's important... they'll always share their secret to happiness. 

I've stayed in UNISEL since 2008 and this'll be the first time I'll be staying with all my gorgeous friends.
I know I've keep on stressing that I don't want to go back...
Its just because of certain problem...
and also, maybe I'm afraid...
that I haven't be a good friend to them..

I'm sorry.
Just bear with me for the whole next semester, will ya?


Ouh, I wish...

picture source: akosikrisel tumblr

shoot ! I fall in love with this one ! :)

I Love You !

yep. I love you and I love you more. Bukan utk En. Kekasih Hati je la..
I love you untuk family jugak... I love you kawan-kawan...

just don't ever forget that

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our True Love Story {CST Production}

Awak kenal tak? Ni diari kita. Eh, bukan... Diari saya, kisah kita.

Mei 2009
Masa hari tu, saya excited sangat. Biasa la, tunggu mama datang ambil untuk cuti semester. Barang semua dah pack. Bila mama sampai je, dia cakap lepas ni tak terus balik Taiping. Singgah rumah makcik saya yang tinggal dekat kampung halaman awak tu. Saya kecewa sekejap masa tu sebab dah rindu sangat dekat rumah kesayangan. Tapi, tiba-tiba saya teringat dekat awak. Kalau dah pergi kampung halaman awak,, mama mesti singgah rumah keluarga awak. Hmm.. Apa khabar awak... Ye la, dah lama kan kita tak berhubungan. Lebih kurang tiga tahun rasenye... Lepas teringat dekat awak, terus saya senyum. 

Awak faham kan kenapa saya senyum?

Malam tu saya singgah rumah awak. Lepas balik dari rumah makcik saya. Saya tercari-cari jugak awak masa mak awak jemput saya dan keluarga minum teh yang mak awak hidang. Tapi awak tak ada. Mak awak cakap awak keluar. Eh, saya tak tanya mak awak tau. Saya curi-curi dengar masa mama saya tanya pasal awak dekat mak awak. Banyak lagi yang saya curi-curi dengar. Tapi pasal awak jela. Mak awak cerita yang awak dah habis belajar, dah kerja... rumah awak yang tengah buat tu. Macam-macam. Saya senyum lagi bila dengar cerita pasal awak. Lepas tu, saya dengar pulak mak awak cerita pasal rumah keluarga awak kat Ipoh. Awak tahu? Senyum saya lagi lebar bila saya dengar rancangan mama saya dan mak awak untuk balik sama-sama dan singgah rumah awak kat Ipoh tu. Saya senyum. Lama, sebab saya tahu awak mesti ada. 

Banyak kan saya senyum? Nasib baik tak 'kantoi' yang saya gatal kat anak orang sebab saya pandai cover line. Masa awak bagitahu saya yang awak sebenarnya tahu keluarga saya datang, saya nak marah awak tahu tak? Sampai hati awak. Tapi lepas tu saya gelak sebab alasan awak kelakar sangat. Tak sangka awak keluar sebab tahu saya ada. Segan nak jumpa saya... Tapi tak mustahil yang awak segan dengan saya bila saya teringat balik kisah kita masa mula-mula jumpa... Eh, mungkin bukan jumpa.. Masa mula-mula kenal...

Disember 2005
Masa tu saya masih dalam kereta.
      "Siapa ni?"
Saya dapat mesej. Saya tak kenal siapa Ali. Tapi saya dapat agak tu awak sebab saya baru je gerak balik dari rumah awak. Saya tahu Cik Jah ada anak lelaki dan tak salah saya nama dia Ali. Saya tak pasti jadi saya tanya mama nama anak lelaki Cik Jah. Lepas tu saya balas mesej awak lagi.
      "Anak Cik Jah ye?"
Saya bagitahu mama pasal awak. Ye la, saya pun pelik kenapa awak tiba-tiba mesej saya. Mama cuma gelak. Masa tu baru saya tahu kisah saya dan awak. Mama cakap, masa saya baru umur 40hari... Mak awak yang jadi pengasuh saya waktu mama kerja. Masa mak awak sibuk memasak ke, sidai kain ke... Awak yang tolong buaikan saya tidur. Bila saya lapar, mak awak letak saya kat riba awak supaya awak boleh bagi saya minum susu. Pandai awak jaga saya walaupun umur awak baru dua tahun. Saya rasa awak comel bila mama cerita awak selalu bawa saya jalan-jalan sambil pegang tangan saya sejak saya pandai jalan. Nakal ye awak? Mama bagitahu saya awak marah kalau orang nak pegang saya sebab saya adik awak... Tak sangka, saya ada kisah macam ni dalam zaman kanak-kanak saya.

Saya selalu pening kepala bila mesej dalam kereta, sebab tu saya telefon awak tak lama lepas awak mesej saya tu. Tapi awak tak angkat. Bila saya mesej awak tanya kenapa, awak cakap awak segan nak cakap dengan saya. Sejak dari hari tu, lebih kurang setahun kita berkawan... Tapi saya tetap tak pernah dengar suara awak. Pemalu betul awak kan?

Jun 2009
Saya senyum lagi, hari ni. Awak tahu kenapa? Sebab saya tak sangka awak ingat saya. Tak sangka awak sentiasa ingat saya. Saya tak tahu macam mana saya patut respon masa awak cakap saya comel pakai gaun cream dan orange bile saya datang rumah awak hari tu. Masa saya datang rumah awak pakai gaun tu, umur saya baru 10tahun. Saya darjah tiga. Saya gembira bila awak ingat saya. Awak siap ingat baju apa yang saya pakai setiap kali saya datang ziarah keluarga awak. Terharu saya. Tapi, saya minta maaf sebab dulu saya tak ingat awak. Masa mak awak berhenti mengasuh saya sebab keluarga saya berpindah, umur saya baru dua tahun. Ingatan saya masih belum kukuh. 

Awak tahu tak yang awak ni menakjubkan? Umur awak baru 4tahun masa keluarga saya berpindah. Tapi, sampai besar awak ingat saya kan?

Julai 2009
Sejak dari hari keluarga saya balik dengan keluarga awak ke Ipoh tu, Alhamdulillah... Persahabatan yang terputus dulu dah terjalin semula. Tapi, maaf... Saya rasa serba salah sangat dengan awak. Awak mesra dengan saya. Awak baik. Perasaan sayang saya pada awak 3tahun dulu berbunga balik. Maaf saya tak dapat nak balas luahan hati  awak. Saya dah berpunya. Saya hormat status kekasih saya walaupun saya dipaksa bekerja untuk dia. Saya sebenarnya tak nak, saya nak pergi jauh dari dia. Tapi saya tak ada pilihan.. Dia pukul saya. Dia tampar saya. Dia tumbuk saya. Maaf sebab saya terpaksa rahsiakan dari awak sebab sebenar kenapa saya sedih. Saya tak perlukan simpati. Perlahan-lahan, saya akan cuba uruskan masalah saya sendiri.

Awak terkejut kan masa saya cerita pada awak kisah sebenar tentang dia, hari tu? Terima kasih atas usaha awak untuk gembirakan saya. Saya terharu.

September 2009
Setahun saya kumpul keberanian saya untuk tinggalkan dia. Akhirnya saya berjaya. Tapi dia ugut saya. Saya tertekan. Saya hampir-hampir putus asa. Tak tahu nak luahkan pada siapa. Awak, terima kasih. Mesej awak seminggu lepas saya putus tu betul-betul ubah perasaan saya, hidup saya.
      "Nana nak kahwin bila?"
      "Entah. Kalau ada calon, mungkin dua tahun lagi."
      "Sekarang tak ada calon ke? Nana kan ada kekasih."
      "Dah putus."
      "Seminggu lepas."
      "Yeke? Macam mana nak kahwin? Calon tak ada."
      "Suruh mama carikan... :p"
      "Kalau macam tu, lagi dua tahun Ali datang meminang Nana."
      "Hahaha... Iye? Tak baik la main-main."
      "Betul la. Tak main-main."
      "Serius? Nana tunggu nanti."
      "Iye. Nana tunggu la. Lagi dua tahun."

Dulu saya tak pernah tahu pun yang hidup ni boleh jadi best. Memang tak ada unsur sinis dalam ayat ni. Memang maksudkan dulu... Zaman hidup ni selalu tertekan dengan ugutan. Masa tu ingatkan hidup ni macam 'go with the flow' je. Tak pernah pun terfikir nak buat benda-benda menarik ataupun cuba perkara baru. Tapi, lepas saya mula kenal diri awak... maksud saya, belajar untuk jatuh cinta dengan awak... setiap hari rasa macam excited. Tertunggu-tunggu khabar dari awak. Tak sabar nak tahu hari esok macam mana.

November 2010
--- He was like an angel, you know? I was never knew life could be like that. He was the one thing I followed through in my life, the one thing I never give up on. I was good at loving him. (The Untamed Heart) ---
      Saya suka sangat dengan kata-kata ni. Setiap kali saya baca, saya mesti tiba-tiba masuk dalam mode flashback. Lepas tu, hati saya mengada-ngada nervous lebih sampai jantung saya jadi dup dap dup dap macam orang lumba lari. Dalam hati saya, awak dah memang 'hero' saya... Macam bidadari versi lelaki. Banyak yang awak ajar saya dalam masa setahun lebih kita bersama ni. Disiplin, agama... Terima kasih sebab jadi lelaki yang sangat mengambil berat. Saya boleh jadi berbunga-bunga dengan cara awak jaga saya. 
      Bila saya tengok balik kisah-kisah kita yang lepas, ada macam-macam benda sebenarnya yang saya patut bersyukur tapi saya tak buat. Banyak jugak fakta-fakta di keliling saya yang saya tak sedar. Contohnya, awak adalah kawan lelaki saya yang pertama. In fact, awak lah kawan saya yang pertama. Walaupun saya tak ingat kisah kita masa kecil dulu, saya yakin... Awak kawan yang baik sebab jaga saya elok-elok. Bila dah besar pun awak jaga saya elok-elok jugak. Terima kasih, awak.

Panjang kan surat saya untuk awak?
Awak tolong doakan semoga kisah cinta kita ni
kekal istimewa di hati kita ye? :)

Tak sangka tempoh dua tahun untuk datang meminang yang awak cakap dalam mesej awak dulu dah dicepatkan kepada setahun. Terima kasih sangat-sangat sebab pilih budak nakal yang keras kepala ni dan buat dia bahagia. Insyallah, saya akan jaga elok-elok cincin tanda yang awak hantar masa merisik dan meminang saya hari tu. Lepas ni, saya nak tulis entri diari bertarikh 01.01.2011 pulak... sempena Majlis Pertunangan kita nanti. Awak tunggu tau...

p/s: Saya sayang awak.

based on a true event. my own love story.
written for the courtesy of a contest by CST Production (http://www.facebook.com/cstproduction)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

nak tau?

saya mesti ingat kisah semalam sbb kamu sweet sangat waktu tu... :)


picture source: anthonyyyy

wajah kamu yg tgh tidur kt sebelah saya sekarang ni comel sangat la..
tak nak kamu balik. boleh?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


picture source: primeira-alegria tumblr

if you could change one thing about LOVE, what would it be?
I do love 'LOVE' but I do hate some part of it at the same time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ni kisah semalam.

Cerita la.
Nak cerita apa?
Pasal secret admire awak.
Mana saya ada secret admire.
Tipu. Yang haritu?
Sorang je.
Ada jugak. Lainla saya. Langsung tak ada.
Eh, ada la.
Mana ada.
Ada. Takkan awak dah lupa?



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

These are just rantings.

During this semester holiday, I think I've been more reluctant to went back to UNISEL for next semester. Everything seems like more gloomy than it should be. I know, its just because of my feelings. Guess it around one more week to go... Can I tie myself on my chair so that I won't have to go? 

Things change and friends leave [fullstop] Guess this sentence is direct enough. There won't be any problem to understand the sentence. That is why I am reluctant to go back. I don't want to go back. I hate going back. Its burdening and I'm tired. 

p/s: The result may be announced on the day after tomorrow. 11th November 2010. [-.-']

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Drama Fever !

Again, we're back with my addiction. Yup, the so-called movie addiction. I think my movie stocks running kinda low and will be finished sometime around this week. It was quite a miracle that I found a really great site for Korean or Japanese Drama lovers ! 

Have you ever visit HurulAini ?

She have a really great compilation of links for downloading sites. You can choose to have torrent download or direct download. She tells you where and how to download/watch these dramas and movies... I am currently browsing her site while writing this entry. Hehehe. There's a lot of dramas to choose from and yet I still can't decide which one. 

In the meantime, I choose to download Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.

I know that this drama have been out for quite some time now. But I haven't watch it yet. Hahaha. The poster do make the drama looks gloomy despite the fact that this is actually a romantic, comedy drama. The drama also have its anime version. Both of them were made based on a manga titled TheWallflower. You can read more about the story here.

Well, wish me Happy Downloading ! :)

A Trip to Malacca [The First Day]

It do feel great to be back. Seriously, my internet connection was sick for few days. Gosh, I miss blogging so much. This is one of the risk that you had to face when you're addicted to blogging.

There's this one thing I really want to write on my blog.

On the 30th and 31st of October or you can say as last week, I had gone for a holiday in Malacca. I haven't been there for nearly 5years already. I can't say that it was fully a holiday since I am actually there as one of the guardian for a school trip. Still, I do had a great time during the trip. We departed from the school ground around 6am+ and arrived at Malacca around 11am+.

This was the first place that we had visited. Malacca Zoo.
*focus on the sign at the back and not the girl at the front, haha*

This is the picture of the kids. But it is only some of them. 
*It was quite impossible for me to get the picture of all 80+ peoples who was on the trip*

I shall say that this is the most interesting experience during the trip.

Malacca River was so beautiful during the cruise. The river was full of lights and even some paintings on the building. Seriously, I would love to go for the cruise again. I do advised to go for the cruise at night since the lighting along the river is the reason why the river was so beautiful. I am so sorry. I didn't snap any picture during the cruise because I've only been using a mobile phone camera. Therefore, I didn't look so good at night. It'll just be an all dark picture.

The cruise was the last activity for the first day. We didn't managed to visit a number of places on the first day since we had to minus time for lunch, dinner, prayers, etc. I shall update about the activity on the second day later...  :)