Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Blast Weekend !

Its been a stressful task for me to overcome the previous week. I am barely breathing.

Nevertheless; in order to overcome those stressfulness, I went to UNISEL and fetch a really close friend of mine or in another words, my ex-roommate. Actually, I want to attend Pameran Pengantin Malaysia by Urban Vibe which was held at SACC Convention Centre. I need someone to accompany me since my fiancee can only come on Sunday. So this is where the idea came in. I want to go to the pameran, I really need a time-out for myself and I also misses her. This is the reason why I fetch her. It is actually an unplanned visit. I just thought that I want to meet her after I came back from school on last Friday, so I drove straight away to UNISEL.

This is me taking some time to myself 
while waiting for my friend to come out.

The first thing that we do when we came back from UNISEL is going to the pameran. We went there on Friday night. Later on the next day, we went to have our dinner and went for a visit to Subang Parade since she really wants to have Big Apple. After we walk out of Subang Parade, we decided to go to I-City since it is still early. I am lucky enough to have Chan's camera with me. I can take as much 'awesome' pictures as I want.


Then later on Sunday, my fiancee came for the bridal exhibition. Before we went there, we first went for breakfast at Kedai Kopi, which is situated in Taman Tasik Shah Alam. I always love to go there for breakfast. They have fresh air and a really nice view. It is so relaxing. And what makes it feel really great is that I can get a rare dose of smile together with those nice view and fresh air..

Then after that, we went to SACC Convention Centre for the bridal exhibition. There's nothing much to see since I can't afford all those packages and there are some of my relatives wants to sponsor my pelamin, cake, etc. So in the end, we just book the package for wedding invitations. The sample cards look so cute and their prices are so affordable. We also manage to finish up some other preparations for the wedding.

But then, after that lovely sunny day, the rain falls on the evening. Therefore, we just manage to go to the Akuarium at Taman Tasik Shah Alam since we can't have a walk at the tasik itself.

Well I guess, that's all for my weekend. I am glad that I spend my weekend with these two persons who I really miss.

Nota Kaki: Its 9.33am now and later at 9.50am my school supervisor will come during my lesson for 4 Lambda's first observation. I am quite nervous since I've been having food poisoning early today. Oh well, wish me luck... :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a luck

I wish that I have my Ferrania Solaris 400 with me now. I want to see the results of my first roll of film. -__-

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm tired of being nice

I feel devastated.

I haven't updated my blog for a while now. Ever since I left UNISEL, my life had been so busy and tiring. There are lots of things that I miss, lots of things that I had to consider and another whole lots of things that need my attention.

It has been three weeks since I started my practicum in SMK Bukit Jelutong.  My life has become 'lifeless' since then. I have to teach two classes of Form 4 students. Each of these classes are filled with students who are taller and bigger than me. I feel like I am such a little dwarf. Nonetheless, that is not really a problem for me. During these period of practicum, I actually had a problem with one of the class. Most of the students in this school came from families with high socioeconomic status who uses English as their first language. Therefore, they actually expect us to speak with a perfect fluency and accuracy. This is where the hardest part of the problem lies. These judgmental look actually makes me feel uncomfortable when entering the class. It is quite hard when you had to control a class with 42 students, be mindful of your language when you speak and still maintain your confidence level and voice projection... Oh well, in spite of those things, you also have to be aware of their complaints. Who gave them the right to be judgmental when they just read comics in the class?

# Everything will be okay. Amen.