Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GT Tour

Maka dengan rasminye , me mengumumkan bahawa camping trip ke Gua Tempurung akn berlangsung on this Saturday and Sunday ! Disebabkan me neh setiusaha for the project , i had the chance to go to Ipoh and take a look at the campsite earlier than the trip.. with my other colleagues of course.. down there is the view of Sg. Kampar beside the campsite.. with pol, hasif and anuar as the model.. hahahaha... ;p

p/s : dah wat check-up dah.. that health problem will never ever menyebabkn me x dpt join caving... hehehe... thank god ! ^_^

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Monday, March 22, 2010

whadda bad day

for the first time merasa kne tahan kt wad
siyes sgt x best
that's y ngamuk gak nk lek


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

back in time

ad few things je yg me nk update...

Last Friday is a great day ; the campsite is beautiful , i had a great evening and i went for holiday with my family.

Saturday ; had a blast shopping time in Jusco Seberang Jaya... love that purple thingy.. ;p

Sunday ; back to taiping , went to my dad's friend nyer wedding which had a really nice beautiful pelamin , went to see Mala at Tesco...

But... I had to be back on Monday. T-T

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

what's the point ?

this is what had happened yesterday... while dlm club's meeting , me bru je decided to keep quiet in terms of xnk amek tau sal kje2 sume neh... da letih... settlekn ap yg ad dah cukup... bia org laen lak yg wat kje laen tuh... then tetibe ad yg bukak mulut complaining but the shirt's price.. trpkse lak brdiri kt dpn brbahas kt ctue... RM25 kot.. standard harga ar tuh... aci lak complain kate mahal... lgpn ritu da wat voting pn nk ad t-shirt tour ke x... majo kata x.. so smlm... bile adviser tanyer sape yg nk dok one side... tinggal la dak 2 org yg kecoh2 tu n another one person... diorang 3 org je... yg paling x tahan... punye2 kecoh kata mahal la ap la... last2 bile sume org bg nama n saiz , diorang pn bg nama diorang.. pehal ntah... sblm tu kecoh sgt.. last2 beli gak.. so what's the point kecoh2 ?

ad lg satu issue laen yg wat me marah mse meeting tu... tp mls la nk tulis kt cnie... nnt trkuar segala makian dan cacian lak kn... ap yg me leh ckp kt diorang...

korang cuma merasa bz wat assignment... korang x merasa bz wat report , kertas kerja sume lg... tiap2 mlm lau me x wat assignment , me wat kertas kerja sume.. balik kelas dah kul 7 mlm... taip2 kertas kerja sume smpai kul 2... pastu study tuk test lg... tmbh2 hari selasa ritu... trpksa study tuk 2 test... methodology ngan french... tension tau x... sbb sume kje neh me xleh nk lek taiping sedangkn mama kt umah tu boleh kata macam dah lumpuh sblah tgn... mama xleh nk wat kje umah sume.. so harap me jela... sorg je daughter dy... papa kne keje.. papa da byk kali tanye bile nk balek... hmm... banyak bnde me kne fikir.. korang x fikir langsung byk mane me da sacrifice tuk sume tu... korang igt dgn gelak2kn me bile me ngah ckp kt depan tu membantu ke ? lg tmbhkn tension ad la.. lau korang ad mase nk gelakkn org , ap kata korang je yg amek sume2 keje neh.. korang siapkn.. amek jawatan me neh... pastu bia me lak gelakkn korang bile korang ngah ckp kt depan... bru taw pe rase.. me bkn merungut pasal kje... x suruh tolong pn... tp yg wat me geram tu... appreciate la sket.. jgnla gelakkn org... kasi tmbh tension... mintak maaf pn x reti... !

lau org laen reti homesick
me pn mcm tu
cmne keadaan umah , adik lek skola mkn sape masak
baju2 sume sape basuh , lipat
hmm... nk balek... T-T

ni la design t-shirt tuk tour tu
bg me berbaloi RM25 tuk design yg mcm neh punye artistic
credit to Fadhli Khaharruddin @ Paul for the gojez design

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wishing yesterday

disebabkan feeling too tired and being in a ' too busy ' condition
this is the only thing that I managed to update

taken on 14032010
went to Low Yat Plaza cz he wants to find some gadgets
He managed to buy 1TB Portable HD
went to Times Square cz we're too lazy to went to Mid Valley
He buys me a pair of blue color heels which is 4 1/2 inch high
went back at UNISEL around 4 .30 something
arrived at UNISEL around 5.30 something
stay at the class with Gedot, K.Yana, Madil and Jack
*can't be in the class with only two of us.. nnt syaf compound ! hahaha*
while i'm tuning few things on his laptop
he depart back to his home around 7

seems so simple ? its because i skip the details
it was a really REALLY really nice date

LOVE you so MUCH sayang !

te queiro mucho

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


me baru blaja mkna prkataan neh pg td


yg mane me sedang berada dalam kondisi tersebut
harap maklum

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

mse ~ in our own terms

ni la picha2 kt MSE
akhirnyer brjaya gaks diupload


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Friday, March 5, 2010

burnin' hell

UNISEL dah semakin panas arh
rasenyer bkn kt UNISEL je kot
sume tempat mcm tu
Global Warming ke ?

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what hav i done ?

Start dri mggu lepas , me trsgt beezee sbnrnyer... mcm xde mse nk tulis pepanjang kt blog neh. skrg ni pn bru la leh brnafas sket... but pasni still beezee lg... so juz a brief update jela eh for what hav i done in the past few days...

Thursday ; morning got class, then walk to HEP to get the proposal format , back to hostel , clean up and take a rest plus eat , at 3 start the committee meeting until 5-6pm , nite start typing the proposal.

Friday ; accompany miss ashfeeda rashid to Low Yat Plaza cz i already promised her since early of the week... i can't cancel the promise even thou i'm bz... i'm packed for the whole day... i was a nice day thou except for the tiring part..

Saturday ; do some clean ups for da room , wardrobe... evening start the discussion for my TESL Methodology presentation , nite typing the hardcopy for the presentation.

Sunday ; out for lunch but trsangkut melepak until 4pm or something kt MSE... smpai home then check the proposal , nite hav the committee meeting again to update for few things.. dinner at 10pm , get back home around 11 something... write the reports on all the updates then get to sleep at 2-3 am.

Monday ; hav class from 9-12 , 2-5... Get back to hostel , mandi n everything , 8.30 pm have presentation rehearsal where we have to berlakon for the learning situation based on the script , balek hostel around 11pm something again , check and rewrite the presentation slide , sleep around 3-4am.

Tuesday ; kind of worst day... attend class 9am-12pm , 1.30pm preparation , 2-5pm *presentation* , 5-7pm french class , 8-10pm another french class , after class singgah umah lecturer to report her bout the proposal , ask if there's anything to amend , smpai lek umah hostel around 12, catat all the amendments, sleep around 1-2am...

Today , bru leh brnafas sket kot..... but pasni hav to study for the test on Friday lak... T-T

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Monday, March 1, 2010

when i think of it , its kinda true

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery