Monday, April 30, 2012

House of Fashion

My brother informs me that he'll be going to Milan next week... I can't believe it but he actually asks me if I want to ask him to buy anything from Milan. I mean, if you're given the chance, who in their right mind would reject that offer! I feel quite overwhelmed by the offer until my mind went blank. I don't know what should I ask... Should I ask for a handbag? shoes? blouses? err... I don't know.

But I think, I would like to ask him to find a Ferragamo handbag for me.. :pp

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Ever since I've started to live here, in Bukit Jelutong... my soul always feel like 'socially frustrated.' Can you imagine living in an empty house with nobody who'll talk to you every time you went back home after a tiring day at work? It has been like that for me for more than a month now...


O well, last week I've been able to go out and have some fun. My fiancee wanted to bring his sister and have some fun. So we spent a day and a half for that. We went to I-City, Downtown Cheras, Taman Tasik Shah Alam, Ikea, Ikano and also The Curve. It was tiring, but fun. But still, I super duper hate the fact that I am not able to shop for my favourite things because of my practicum expenses. If only I could buy those Padini shirts, MNG pants, dresses and handbags, Vincci wedges and Cotton On blouses... *sigh* and yeah, I nearly bump onto my ex on that day. *another sigh*

So, for this week... I went to e@Curve to watch Wrath of the Titans, together with a friendly couple.

And when we arrived there, thay actually bought the ticket for me and also belanja makan Bubba Gump at The Curve. It was good, thou I can't recall the name of the food. It sounds too complicated. :)

nota kaki: and today, I was socializing at my aunt's house and have a friendly visit to Teluk Intan. I've never been there after my last visit when I was a kid. :DD