Saturday, August 1, 2009


aku terlalu excited ! nostalgic abes la. guess what ? i found my crush when i was form 2 ! well... actually bkn aku yg jmpa dy. Dy yg tibe2 add ak. Dy cm tau2 je ak ngah cari membe2 lame. But kn... aku bkn cari crush lame. Nk ckp membe2 lame pn... Ak kenal dy cm2 tu je... Nk kata borak pn x penah. Setakat lau trserempak senyum at each other ad la. Well... Nostalgic. Terigt zaman skewl dulu.

FYI : Now i dun have any crush on him ok. Just happy bile trnmpk salah satu kisah mse skewl. Mr. Is still in my heart. He's the one and only person in my heart. *beside my family

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