Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Huargh... Ngantuk sbnrnyer ni. Today semangat bgn pagi.. Wlaupun agak lewat... Pas sejam suku min tggu lecturer... kitorang blah sbb dy x dtg2. As a result of the action.. Kitorang konvoi 3 keta g breakfast and then melepak kt cc...

Haha. Ak agree ngan diorang pn cz ak nk rilekkn otak ak dri keep doing overtime thinking... Letih la asyik fikir the same thing everyday... Bile otak ak x rehat... 2 yg start fikir bukan2. Thinking if he's avoiding me r not.. Padahal bru 2 hari x on call... But I wonder la.. He'll fly to Sabah for a holiday this Thursday. Dy contact ak ke x rasenyer ? Plus.. He promise me that he'll meet me on Sunday if his arrival from Sabah turn out to be early in the morning.

I really hope he came...
Or else... I'll be soooooooooooo dissappointed !

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