Friday, December 4, 2009

Come on... Its just a medium !

Nowadays boleh kate the net ni mcm satu kemestian. Messenger , blogs , facebook , myspace , twitter , etc. Do everyone realize that all of these is just a medium ?

You don't have to be so addicted with it.. or in other word maybe OVER-sensitive.
Its in your hands whether you nk peduli dgn status someone or totally ignore it.
Its also pilihan you if you want to be annoyed with it.
We use medium ni utk kepuasan hati kita.
If u wanna make friends... Then do it.
If you wanna use it as a diary.. Then make it.
This is reality. All of these are just a medium for yourself..
A medium for us to make something from our own life. Memories.
So you are the yg patut pilih ap yg u nak buat dgn medium u.
No one should judge.

so stop terasa hati dgn ap yg org lain ckp
there are much more bigger problem than that

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- EiNa^ - said...

it really works..dis medium become a connector not only with frenz..but also wif family members..
thus,whoever yg jarang bjmpe kaum kerabat..get connected la use dis medium...btol x?

NANA said...

dat's y nana ckp...
ni just medium.
yg wat nana geram tu..
ad lak yg gado2.
punce nyer.. fb, blog..
pelik2 jer....
pttnyer bnde2 cmni x yh amik kisah pn.. ^_^

- EiNa^ - said...

haha..pelik jer smpi gado psl mende ni kan..
hurm..people owiz make things complicated..
nana bagi emel add kat akak

- EiNa^ - said...

yang suke gado2 tu dak2 yg childish dun join them..juz ignore it..coz u r not a childish person..kan?

*pls leave me ur emel add 4me 2 invite u 4 my blog

d'Fedrin said...

yup2. x childish. haha. saje je xde bnde nk wat.. tu yg mncatit fakta tu... xde kuase nk join..... hek2. ^_^

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