Monday, January 18, 2010

when words take over

here's just some things to show that me 'hupdate' me nyer blog ni... ignore those lovey dovey mushy stuff... tu bkn jiwe me tu... saje suke2 je ni.. this thing i wrote in November 2008 if i'm not mistaken...

I miss the way you look at me
The time when you were smiling happily

And the way you make me feel everyday
Is more than I could ever wish for

I miss the happiness that you bring
This heavenly feelings in my heart

I miss the feelings that I feel
In the place within your arms

Every time, every moment
I have always miss you

I Miss your eyes
I Miss your smile
I Miss your hugs
I Miss your kiss

I Miss your shoulder when I cry
I Miss the time I spend with you
I Miss having you by my side

My dear...
Hold on to me
And never let me go

dlu mse tulis xde tujukn kt sape2 ni.. skrg ni ad la kot... hahaha. just like what i said , ignore those lovey dovey mushy stuff... *blushing* hahahahaha....

be my wonderwall ; will you ?

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