Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I just care for how the memories will turn out to be.

I started typing this entry at 4.53am. I am so sleepy right now but I guess this is my only chance to update my blog. The internet connection has been bad as usual. So I guess there should be no questions regarding why I'm typing the entry at quite an early hour.

These past few weeks have been like a dream to me. I know I've been busy, and a bit irresponsible at times but the good news is that I have make some new acquaintances which I guess can be considered as my new family now. Everyone was so friendly which makes it easier to get along with. Seriously... I am glad that I had the chance to become a facilitator before I graduated.

If I had to say something to this family, it should be that I am really grateful for knowing everyone. 

The Family of Minggu Tekad Siswa (MTS) 1/2011/2012
there are more other members who are not in the picture

So, aside from my new family... I guess I still have more good news to tell. During the semester holiday, I actually managed to obtain driving license, my MUET exam's result had passed the band 4 minimum level and also watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon on its first day premier in 3D.

p/s: I'll tell more about my bureau during the MTS on my next entry. Seriously... It's gonna be a lot message from the heart... :)

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