Saturday, April 9, 2011

Alhamdulillah, that hectic semester had passed.

There is this one situation that will always appear in each and every semester breaks. Students from everywhere will start to talk about it, including me. Some may get disappointed but some will be happy since they are able to prove to everyone that they can do it. Even I tend to get happy this time around. Alhamdulillah, my exam result are much more better than the previous semester.

I think this was a very good news for me since I had become quite a lunatic during the exam week. To tell the truth, I think I am an auditory learner. So I mostly depends on lectures, in the class for my studies. I am not that good in studying the notes or making one. Unfortunate for me, ever since the theater rehearsals and tasks came up during the semester, I can hardly concentrate on class. That is why when the time comes for the examination, I get so scared and even cried. I don't really know what I'd learn for this semester.

I was so lucky to have my friends to help me with the tips... and yeah, that scary feeling did help me in putting extra effort in studying. I hope on next semester, I won't get as busy as this semester.

p/s: I can't say that I won't get busy for sure since I've been chosen as the club's secretary. But I'll still hoping for that.

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