Friday, March 16, 2012

Wise Decisions

As far as I am concern, J have done most of the decision for the wedding preparations. I have confirmed the vendor for wedding invitations, doorgift, photographer, wedding dais, groom's side reception gown, MUA, etc. My aunt will sponsor the deco for high table and also my wedding cake. Plus, I will do my own hantaran.

But the only problem that I have is my height.

Whenever I went to a wedding boutique, they will always suggest me to make a new dress. Most of the dress that they have won't fit me since it was catered for people with standard height. For those who knew me, you must have realized that I am physically challenged, right? I have to at least add another RM400 for new dress. I don't really know whether I should spent more money on dresses. I don't think that I want to add more dresses to my personal collection since the solemnization dress and the wedding gown for the groom's side will be designed and tailored and will be kept as my personal collection. The best part is that my fiancee will fully support the cost for my wedding gown since he is the one who wants us to wear tuxedo and gown for his side. If I have to spend more money on my own reception dress, I will have to use my own money... Oh, I really want to save some money for other things.

nota kaki: We should spent more on marriage and not on wedding. I hope that everything will be fine.

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