Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Believe me, I'll Learn.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

As life goes on, I am learning. I learn through my surroundings. I learn through emotions. I learn through people... and as time passes by... I learn mostly through circumstances. It's true that people may think that I am pathetic. People may think that I shouldn't make such a decision. For them... Is such term as 'early marriage' exists? People may say, everything is just based on love. You'll end up getting a divorce... You are young. You have no experience. You are even not matured enough... They'll talk about every single thing and I'm currently tired to keep on hearing them.

When I say that I'm getting married, I know that it'll come with huge responsibilities. It is not about me anymore. It's about US. I am not that perfect. I am learning. No matter how childish my looks are, I still have that same dream with other girls out there. If I am a married lady, I want to be an admirable wife. A great mother. I cherish the one that I love, I value him. That is why I'm gonna make sure that he will never have the slightest thought of regret for choosing me.

It may take quite a period of time.
But, believe me. I'll learn to improve myself.
So, rest assured.


Greta Garco once said ; 
Of all the things I seen so far, the most beautiful sight has been an old couple walking arm in arm. Also for me, the sight of husband and wife who spent many years together is the subject of my admiration.

You'll see...
That we will still holding our hands, walking arms in arms...
even if we're an old couple...   :)

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