Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Step Further: Third Trimester

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Here goes the story for third trimester. As I've mentioned before, I have actually registered myself at the nearest klinik kesihatan and went for monthly checkup.  *you can read more on that here* However, I didn't planned on delivering at government hospitals. I have my own reasons, of course. Haha! So.. As my pregnancy enters the third trimester, I started to continue my monthly checkup at Columbia Asia Taiping. I'll do a review on my O&G Specialist and the rate for the hospital later.

So for my first checkup there, my O&G did a 4D ultrasound scan in order to check the gender of my baby *per my request, of course* Hihi.. It was so exciting. You can even see the baby's movement, even when he's yawning. A 4D scan is definitely worth it. Even the price is affordable.

Everyone says that the nose looks like mine! Actually, I can't even imagine how he'll look like in real life even though the picture is very clear. Haha! 

To add to the perks, I got food poisoning on week 38. I must say, having food poisoning while you're in third trimester is definitely bad. Food poisoning caused me to have contractions as the baby must be feeling uncomfortable. At first I thought that the contractions was a sign that I am near to giving birth as I'm already on week 38 but I'm nit that sure. As the contractions becoming more and more regular, I feel that I can barely stand the pain and I was admitted to the emergency room. Then I was sent to the labour room to be monitored since even the doctor is not sure if it'll all end with food poisoning or it'll go all the way to giving birth. After having regular contractions for a while, the contractions started to subside. Still, I was monitored in a ward for a day. 

Luckily, the ward is comfortable and I end up enjoying my day in there. Haha!

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