Saturday, December 4, 2010

a SINGLE day

Its amazing to see how many different things can happen in one single day. I just had one hell of a time yesterday. The day was so much fun, and tiring too.

The day started out with all of us waking up early and getting excited to go for the trip. The actual reason of the trip was for my project, of course. But we also had other plans in mind since I already rent the car for 24hours. Unfortunately, the car was manual car and it was all my fault since I forgot to check the car before I rented it. None of us can drive the car so we called Bella to ask for her help.

So, the first place we went was Jakel Shah Alam and then we move on to Sunway Pyramid. It was funny during the time when we had to look for the place to park our car. We all get nervous when we know that we had to go through a very high flyover just to get to the parking lot... There are also some other things happen during the time when we look for the lot but I guess I'm quite lazy to tell the whole story here.

As soon as we get out of the car, Bella received a call from he mother saying that her 'atuk' had just passed away. Then the plan changes. We're sorry for your loss, dear. Since none of us can drive that manual car, we had to call Hasif to help us. We had our lunch at Burger King *since that's the only place that we can find. We don't have all the time to go and find other places.* Hasif arrived about an hour later with Ahmadil, Adote and Jack. Since Bella had to go back to her hometown, we Hasif will send her. All of us was divided into two cars. Hasif, Bella, Adote, Vinn and Syaf in the first car and went to Titiwangsa while me, Jack *the one who had to drive our car*, Ahmadil, Ede and Ika was in the second car and wait for the first car at Wangsa Walk. We had our dinner at NZ Curry House and went back to UNISEL after that.

 from left: Bella, Vinn, me, Ede and Syaf.

This is the picture of us in a Lomo shop at Sunway Pyramid.
The same thing goes with the picture below.

 from left: Ika, Bella

Can you imagine our journey?
All the way from Bestari Jaya to Shah Alam, then to Sunway, and continue to Wangsa Maju.

Guess that was quite a journey, right? Thanks a lot to Bella, Hasif, Ahmadil, Jack and Adote for being the superhero of the day.

p/s: Al-Fatihah dan Salam Takziah untuk Bella dan her Family.

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