Friday, January 25, 2013

I Just Can't Get Enough of Married Life! :)

Assalamualaikum, and holla!

Again and again and  again, I've been boasting writing about how I've been married and all. Sorry for that. :p Nevertheless, I still want to talk about it since it has been a very wonderful journey for me ever since the day of the lafaz. Truthfully, I just can't get enough of this married life. Every single thing is wonderful to me; the sight of someone sleeping next to you when you wake up every morning, the compliment that you receive every time after he tastes the food that you cook, and even listening to those sweet love confessions every time he came back from work. Apart from all that, there's this one particular thing that I really love about being married; the fact that you have someone to accompany you to sleep at night. The reason for this is actually because I occasionally have problems in falling asleep *I can even stay awake for over 36hours*. Previously, he'll always accompany me until I fall asleep through the phone. But now, he'll always hug and pat my head until I fall asleep because if he fall asleep first, it'll always end up with me waking him up at night only to ask him to chat, or play PS2 with me *so kejam, right?*. The funny thing is, recently he always fall asleep first, and I guess patting my head has become a habit for him until he even pat my head while he sleep. Haha :p

Okay, enough of these getting married news. Recently, I realized that I've been obsessive over fashion in which adds on the perks of being a shopaholic. Yes, it all started when I officially become a housewife with nothing else to do apart from clean up the house, wash the laundry and cook. Minus few hours for those chores and I end up having another lots of hours for Facebook-ing and surfing the net, in which I use it to surf on all the updates on online boutiques, etc. Luckily, my husband was such an understanding person. He knows that I am a shopaholic and he'll buy me few items per month *yeah, he'll control the limit for all the shopping spree that I can have*.  Still, #alhamdulillah for the opportunity. 

I realized being over obsessive with shopping is not good for your mentality and also money. So, I end up looking for another way to play with fashion without spending my own husband's money. Then I found Polyvore. Polyvore is actually a website for shopping *I guess* but there, you can create fashion sets based on your own style. I'll post some of the styles that I have created on Polyvore later. Currently, I am addicted to Polyvore... but I guess its better than spending your own money on a shopping spree. 

Okay, bye!

p/s: I hope that he'll always stay as a sweet husband for me. :)

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