Friday, October 11, 2013

It's a Miracle: Luthfi's Birth Story

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

Again my pregnancy journal continues since I am now done writing my experiences for all the trimesters. I guess now is the part where I have to recall the memory of giving birth... *traumatized* Haha! It has been more than a month since I give birth to baby Luthfi but I can still remember the pain. 

My birth chronology starts on Thursday, 03 October 2013. On around 11am, I began to feel the contractions. At first, it was very mild. However, at around 2pm.. The contractions began to intensify. But it was still bearable to me. The intensity of the pain started to increase per hour but there's still no other labour sign. My water bag still intact and there's no blood show. Due to this, I feel a bit hesitant to go to the hospital and just keep on enduring the pain through the night. I tried my best to sleep since I knew that I'll need a lot of energy to go through the active labour process later. I was able to fall asleep but awake every time the contractions came. On that night, there's around 30mins interval for each contractions and last for around 40 - 60 secs. So I can only fall asleep for 30mins and woken up by contractions for a few second and go to sleep again. Oh, what a dreadful night.. Hihi.

Well, the pain lasts and keep on intensify until the next morning.. Friday, 04 October 2013. At around 9am, the interval between contractions became around 15mins and lasts for around 60secs. At this point, I can barely stand the pain so I call my mom *she's at work* and told her. My mom end up coming home and took me to the hospital to meet my O&G specialist. VE was performed and I was told that the opening is only 1cm. However, the doctor decided to send me to labour room to be monitored since my blood pressure shoot up due to the pain. The reading was 180 over 110. At that point, meds are given to me in order to ease up the pressure and I was told that I have to be induced in order to speed up the process due to the risk that my blood pressure will shoot up again and maybe even higher if I had to bear the pain for few more days until the opening is fully dilated.

At around 10am, I was sent by the nurse in charge to the labour room. I was given the chance to relax in order to control my blood pressure until around 12pm because if not, I may have to undergo c-sect. This is because inducing will bring stronger contraction. If my body can't stand the pain and my blood pressure keep on rising, me and my baby will both face a bigger risk. Luckily, my blood pressure seems to drop as the time reach 12pm. After a bit of discussion with my doctor, the inducing process began at 2pm. 

During the process, I guess a lot of thing starts to wander in my mind. Alhamdulillah, I was very lucky to have my mom accompanying me the whole time since my husband is still on his way from Sungkai. He arrived somewhere around 4pm. At that point, my dilation is only 2cm. Then around 5pm the doctor came in to break my water bag and make the dilation move to 5cm. Only after an hour later my dilation became 8cm. I had to say... at that point I began to feel that the baby is going to come out.

Alhamdulillah, after much hardships that I had to go through for another hour plus vacuum at the very last moment since my whole energy was totally depleted... Muhammad Luthfi was born at exactly 6.19pm on 04 October 2013 with the total weight of 2.5kg and 50cm long. I dare say, this is one of the unforgettable moments in my life.

To tell the truth, I actually dream of having a gentle birth for this pregnancy. However, the whole process happen to be a not-so-gentle experience as I happen to take analgesics due to very painful contractions and also an episiotomy. Nevertheless, this is still a very good experience for me *as in I am not traumatized and regret over the experience of giving birth*. Definitely a thumbs up for Columbia Asia Taiping. Haha! Still, I hope that I will be able to achieve gentle birth in my next pregnancy.

InsyaAllah :)

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