Saturday, September 25, 2010

It hurts, so just leave me already !

"If you really want to go, just go. Stop with the feel 'bad' attitude which is trying to be nice like nothing is going on between us. I guess you didn't know that it hurts. I'm sick, and tired of facing it. Its been quite a few times already. I can break the chain for you if you want though its hard. No matter how, now I always hoped that I can turn back the time and make the chain as thin as a thread. So that it'll be easier if had to break it. I've always tried to make it better, you know. But you keep turning around and again, act like nothing happened. Have you ever wonder that it would be great, just great if you could just tell me when I asked you, that time. Guess now its too late. Now is the stage where even if u tell me, all I can say is I can forgive, but never forgets. Sorry."

The chain breaks. Officially.

and now, back to the same old same old weekend.
stick with the same old same old perception.

This kind of close relationship, is a bullshit.

Guess, I walk away now and starts to ignore. Goodbye.

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