Thursday, September 30, 2010


current mood ; grumpy.

list of the 'bads' for the day ;

  • forgot to set the alarm on and result in waking up late for class.
  • feeling sleepy throughout the grammar class.
  • my Malaysian Studies credit exemption issues risen again.
  • can't take a good nap for now because i had to finish up some work.
  • even if i take some nap, i might end up not coming to evening class.
  • i had to attend a test tonight and i haven't study for it.
  • only one week left until the finals.
  • some lecturers still being enthusiastic regarding the replacement class thou its only few days left.
  • had some issues with my environment but i can't let it out. great. [-.-']

but the good thing is , each and everytime i stumble upon those pictures...
during the foundation year and everything..
they still make me laugh when i don't even want to smile.

and yeah, makin hari dah makin banyak jatuh hati kt En. Kekasih Hati.  :)

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