Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love, Nora.

So, as usual, I lost the track of time again. I know I am a bit 'buta muzik' in which I always get left behind when it comes to the latest songs. But hey, there are also times when I am more advanced than the other. Oh well, this time I am a bit left behind when it comes to movies. I can't believe myself ! Why didn't I watch the movie when my younger brother told me to watch it? It is a simple yet a great movie... err.. for someone who always love the hopeless romantic feel.

I almost forgot to mention, this movie may be inspired by the book P/S: I Love You by Cecilia Ahern. The film version of the novel are also great. It always puts me in the "my heart filled with love while my eyes shed some tears because I am touched" mode. Hmm... I guess you can say that this movie also puts me in the same mode.

You can read more on this film here. The part that I really love in this movie is in the last letter by Nora. The word LIVE itself. Somehow, it kinda give many different meaning. After watching this movie, I think I just realized something.

Man who speaks Italian  are quite sexy !

Enough daydreaming.
I should just go back to reality.

p/s: Sayang, I think you should take intensive courses on how to speak Italian. :pp

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