Monday, December 26, 2011

Wedding Updates... and complaints.

Greetings !

At last, me and mama manage to come to a mutual understanding. The date for the wedding had been suggested. The wedding will be held on December 2012. The exact date shall remain as a mystery. I hope everything will be fine since now I've started to feel the pressure. Insyaallah, my parents together with my grandmother will be going to Mecca on next Aidiladha. I think it'll be on October and they'll be back on November, just a month before the wedding. So, mama personally remind me with a strict expression that everything should be done by the end of September.

One of my biggest upcoming-problem for the preparation is that my time will be mostly occupied with internship and term-paper until June 2012. There will be only 3months left until September. After I am done with the semester, I should apply for jobs since I don't want mama to fully-support the wedding. Seriously, the rough idea of the flow of the wedding days already makes me nervous. There'll be the solemnzation, followed by Khatam Al-Quran *I hate it when a PA-system will be there to accompany me*, Majlis Tahlil and Bacaan Doa, Marhaban on the next morning, the Reception and also Majlis Bertandang. There are lots and lots and lots of things to be considered.

please, please and please wish me luck!

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