Thursday, December 1, 2011

Should I get MARRIED?

I have another year to go before getting married but all these talks about wedding stuffs and preparations already makes me dizzy and annoyed too.

I want these, and my mom wants that. I want another thing and there'll be an issue of 'membazir' or too grand and even too ugly. She wants that but it looks too 80's just like the one in P.Ramlee's movies, the color won't suit me, etc. I really hate it when I had to argue with my mom for something I WANT. This is my wedding. I know she'll be there to support me but please, I am not a child anymore. I know how to make a wise decision. I know how to think whether the prices are too high or just worth it. I need your opinion, not an argument. Somehow, all these talks do make me feel I don't want to get married... or maybe I'll just grab my love and get married somewhere in Thailand, or Italy.

Oh well, for now I think I wanna walk away from marriage.
I guess I won't look back for a few months.

p/s: I miss those peaceful time in UNISEL.

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