Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fantasi yang Menarik.

Cuti2 mcm ni jd rase rindu sgt lak nk tgk cite Heroes.

Cite Heroes adalah cite fantasi yang menarik. No doubt that I am actually a Heroes's addict. Its amazing to see how the Tim Kring relates these enormous amount of characters to each other. There's a link between each and single thing to one another which makes the story more interesting. Disebabkan minat yg berterusan, diri sendiri dah jd pengumpul DVD Heroes yg setia.

Unfortunately, NBC announced the show's cancellation on May 14, 2010 due to the high costs of production, diminished viewing and an increase in other programming (source: Wikipedia). Giler mengecewakan and it seems there are no other news on the revival of the series surfaced. Lagi bertambah2 mengecewakan...

Gosh, I miss Heroes.
Plus, I already fall-in-love with Sylar. *literally*

Can you imagine how it would be if you all-time favourite series ends up
without any ending?

At least wrap it up, please... :)


Ahmad Shafiq Bin Othaman said...

hehehe. cite heroes.
1 of my favourite movies.
jom tgk pandangan sarjana barat
melalui tamadun yang dah pupus ke atas cite heroes nie :)

d'Fedrin said...

Hahaha... I mmg ad movie-marathon addict. So mmg byk movie yg da jd favorite I.. :)

ika said...

wahh.. heroes..
nana, ika xsempat nak amek cite GTO kat nana..huaaa:(

d'Fedrin said...

Sorry2. Nak wat cmne... Sem depan eh? Hehehe... :D