Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I feel like one of the BIGgest burden had been lifted up.

Not more than one and a half hour ago, I just finish my Sociolinguistics examination. Seriously, that is one 'hell' of a paper. The subject is supposed to be a fun subject as it had gain my interest. However, it think it is far too complicated. Ok, maybe not that complicated. I'm exaggerating. But still its complicated. Most of the time we had to analyze some items.

...which usually result in 40pages assignment.

Ok, back to the exam story. I was too nervous to face the examination today. No matter how many times I memorize the notes, I still feel that I'm not ready. Seriously, I'm not trying to be proud but I think I managed to memorize all of it. Just imagine how nervous I am.... Just few minutes before entering the hall, I starts to have heavy-breathing. I am so nervous until it made me feel that I can die from it.

Guess this is what you called as KILLER-subject.

I think I'll have to give a big hug to this paper. I'm thankful to it because for the first time in my life, my mind feels blank as soon as the invigilator announce that we can start answering the paper. I was blank for almost 10minutes. I just don't know what to write... even the number of the question. It was so funny. True that I feel tense through the examination but I do laugh at myself after I walk out of the hall.

This is quite an experience.
*but I hope I won't have to experience this again.*

p/s: Its time to have some beauty sleep. 


Chan said...

if i fail this subject, i'll kill myself. haha

d'Fedrin said...

that's quite a determination.


p/s: no worries, Chan. I think all of us do great in our exam... :)

Hairil Rizal said...

Hmm.. felt like that once. 3 hours exam. Blank the first 30 minutes. Went to toilet...lepaks another 15 minutes in there. Sampai balik meja tiba-tiba idea mcm baru nak flush out.


d'Fedrin said...

that's longer than what I had experienced...

Tak dapat terbayang mcm mana risau nyer bile idea xnk keluar...