Saturday, October 23, 2010

Have you ever heard about the 3 Idiots ?

This should be a long story... again, should be. It all started with a good friend of mine, Ika. She left her lappy at home and next time she came back, her older brother told her about the 3 Idiots that he put in her lappy. After a short period of time, I came to know about the existence of the 3 Idiots in her lappy so I decided to take a look.

and I am successful to do so, last night... after being encouraged by Ika herself.

Did I forget to mention that this is a Hindi movie?

I do know that some people may have different view on Hindi movies. However, in my opinion... This movie is a bit different. Its abit philosophical and interesting especially for those who wants to look at the world differently. This movie is mainly about the friendship, the importance of education and how people look at it.

"Now rewind the last 1minute of our life a bit and think. When I asked this question, has anybody ever thought that today we will get something new to learn? Anyone...? No. Everyone sunk in race. What's the use if you come first with studying like this? Will you improve your knowledge? No. Only pressure will increase.. and this is a college. Not a pressure cooker. The lion in the circus also learns to sit on the chair fearing the whip held in its owner's hand. But we call such lions as well trained, not well educated."

The question that he asked is actually just a random question. But somehow, nobody ever notice that such terms did not exist and yet they sunk into a race to find the definition of the terms. This part really do reminds me of what education supposed to be. All this while, everything is just about memorization and not the understanding and passion... and yeah, I think I should start the new semester with a whole new perception.

"We will study, with complete dedication. But not only to pass exams. Never study to become successful, but study for self-efficiency. Don't run behind success. Follow behind excellence. Then success will come all the way behind you."

This is my favorite quote of the movie. I think I'll try and see if it'll became true... 

p/s: I fall in love with this movie much more than the Slumdog Millionaire.


DINI said...

dini pon suke jugak citer ni nana ! :) sangat2 ! best kan ?

d'Fedrin said...

yep2. best giler.
nana baru tgk mlm smlm.
hehehe... tu yg smngat tulis tu..


ika said...

yeah, terbaek nana !!
serious 4 those yg xtawu nk tgk cite pe time cuti2 ni nant, carilah cite neh..eceh! promote gitu !