Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I remember my day.

Hooray, semester holiday had just started ! I'm so sorry for the lack of updates during these past few days. I bet I will really miss my friends during this holiday. Hehehe. 

I've reached home, at last after going through a series of bad luck.I missed my 2.30pm train because of the stupid bus, because of that, I had to use more money. If missing the train wasn't that bad, then try to imagine being stuck at a place without enough money to go back because the money that you had transfer through the stupid maybank2u to your other bank acc was not there, in the account.... another bad luck. To make things worst, my phone credit was not enough at the exact moment after I check the account. *dem* The only thing that I can think of during that time is 'I am in a very deep shit !'. After the things had been sorted out, I went to buy the train's ticket just to find out that their system were down at the moment so I had to wait until 5.00pm to get the ticket. Thank god I managed to board the 5.30pm train, reached Ipoh safely and the final thing I had to do is just waiting for my parents to fetch me there.

It was a really memorable all-day adventure for me.  :)

My recent date was great. There are so many funny things happens on that day... especially the part where we were locked in that Wisma Genting's stairways. We were on the 11th floor and the only door that was unlocked supposed to be at the G level. Luckily the door on the 6th floor was broken so it was also left unlocked. I'd never thought that finding the 10th floor would be that hard...

and yeah, he gave me flowers. People usually give bouquet but he actually gave me a vase of roses. He kinda says that 'as long as you have your love for me, the flower will always bloom.' Hahaha... Funny, but still sweet... Thank you, love. :)

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