Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Step Further: Part II

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

We meet again! Here's the second part of the journey. As I've mentioned on my previous post *click here if you haven't read the post*, I've registered my name at the the nearest klinik kesihatan from my place and did my first scan a week after.

say "Hello" to buku merah yang banyak berjasa ni
*kindly ignore kualiti  gambar yang sangat low ni ye. guna camera handphone je ni*

I don't know the right term for the book but everyone just keep calling it 'buku merah', including the nurses. So let us just keep it that way. Haha! By the way, did you notice the sticker on the book? It is still white in color. I've managed to keep it that way until today. In case if you don't know, the sticker represents different health conditions of the mother. White sticker indicates that the mother is generally healthy. There are also green color stickers, yellow color sticker, red color stickers and etc. However, I don't have much information on the health conditions that they represents since I only have experience with this white color sticker. I am thankful for that actually since I didn't have to go through another hassle procedure such as getting your blood being taken in every two weeks or have to drink "air gula" every few hours and etc. Lucky me! 

Now, back to the story of my first scan experience... I guess it was too overwhelming for me. To tell the truth, it was not because of my first time experiencing an ultrasound scan since I've done it before... when I was falsely diagnosed with "batu karang" few years back. I had to say that the experience was too overwhelming because I was told by the doctor that he actually identified that there are 3 sacs on my tummy! On that day, only one of the sacs have heartbeats. However, it is still too early to say anything since I was only on Week 6. I have to do another scan on my Week 12 of pregnancy to check if the other two sacs will also develop and have heartbeats. If they do, there's a possibility that I'll be carrying triple twins. It was quite a worry for me even though deep in my heart I was so thankful that I was blessed with this opportunity. There are a lot of risks that I'll have to take if the sacs develop including going through premature labor. 

I had to say, even both my mom and my mother-in-law are filled with worries. However, I was told that the two sacs didn't develop during my second scan on my Week 12 of pregnancy. The doctor only able to see one fetus and the other two sacs are not visible on the ultrasound scan. It was possible that I was having Vanishing Twin Syndrome. 

This syndrome; where the twin embryo has mysteriously and silently disappeared, is not a normal miscarriage. A typical miscarriage causes bleeding and loss of tissue, but in this syndrome... the disappearing embryo was absorbed back into the mother's body. Most of the time the pregnancy continues normally, and the surviving baby bears no evidence of having once had a womb-mate. 

You can Google the syndrome if you want to know more. Hihi. I guess, that's all for the second part. I think I'll sum up my first, second and third trimester experience in three different post later and close up the whole journey with a fourth post on my labor experience and review. Until then, see ya! :)

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