Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Nature of My Workplace

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,

As I have mentioned in the earlier post, I have just graduated in Bachelor of Education (Hons.) [TESL]. Alhamdulillah, I gave all my praise to Allah s.w.t. since I am currently employed in a multinational language service provider as a permanent translator.

SpeeQual Language Service

If I had to say, the nature of my workplace requires me to be working in a lab where only authorized people are able to enter. Any type of device in which can carry data is not allowed in the room, including a smartphone. Therefore, I can't be contacted through phone during office hour. I will usually receive a project to be done, in which normally consists of 9000+ words to be translated and period will be around 3 days. In general, it's like 3000+ words per day. It was quite tiring in order to finish the tasks within the due date given. However, when there's no translation project going on... *Unofficially* I am allowed to surf the net; Facebook, you tube, watch online dramas, blogging, etc. for the whole day as long as I don't have a project to be done or a due date to catch. Haha!

Funny that the office is located in One Ampang Avenue *also recognized as Korean Village*, in which makes  the activity of bumping into some Koreans seems like a routine already. It feels very interesting every time I overheard these people talking. It feels like I'm watching K-Dramas already. Hihi.

If only I can meet korean people as handsome as Lee Min Ho, or CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa! Hahahahaha! *sorry husband! No matter what, I'll still love you!*   :)

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