Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ministry of Moment: Just Like Contest.

Just Like Contest ni adalah contest yang dianjurkan oleh Ministry of Moment (MOM). MOM is actually a group where professionals in the field of photography gather. This contest gives you a chance to win a FREE Photography Package worth RM2000 !  psst.. You will also stand a chance to win 30% off for any photography package of your choice... Styleeee !

Oh, before I forgot... Hi, Roe !
Thank you for introducing the contest to me... :)
*Roe is the co-organizer of the contest.*

All you have to do is:

1. Search for MINISTRY OF MOMENT page in Facebook and click “Like”.

2. Go to ‘Photos’ and find a folder named ‘Contest’.

3. Pick one picture that you like from the folder and write a creative entry in your blog with the title; Ministry of Moment : Just Like contest and tell us why do you like that picture.

4. Under the picture, type; source: Ministry of Moment with link

5. Once done, leave the permalink of your entry in the comment box of this entry together with your facebook’s username.

Contest ends: 30 November 2010 (12pm)
You can read the original entry on the contest here.

Here goes the picture;

At first, I do had quite a rough time to choose the picture that caught my interest the most since the album itself contains lots of beautiful and interesting pictures. But still, when it comes to choosing 'a' picture... I choose the picture above since that picture was the first picture that caught my eyes. The first thing that I love about the picture is the pose of the bride and groom... For some reason, I can see the love's sweetness through them. There are also the bright light in the picture's background which complement the pose thus make the picture seems so pure. And yeah, the small sight of building makes the picture looks simple and helps to direct the viewer's focus towards the bride and the groom. It is great to see that this picture conveys a lot of sentimental quality.

Lastly, I shall say that the greatest quality of the picture was shown when...
It made my heart full with a phrase that says "Love is Beautiful"...



Chan said...

eiii mcm best je. nk join jgk!!! =D

roe said...

all the best babe! good choice of picture! :)

d'Fedrin said...

Chan ; Join la.. hehehe. Menarik.. :)

Roe ; Thanks. :D