Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am walking towards the end of the holidays and guess, I'll venture into a new chapter.

So far, I do realized that I'm not a 'friend' person. I've been comfortable with handling things on my own. Solving my own problems *thou, sometimes I fail and nearly made me attempt to kill myself*. Its not that I'm such an arrogant person. Its just that I don't really trust in that 'friend' term since I've been back-stabbed by those so-called friends so many times. Yeah, you know.. .girls. They just love doing that.

picture source: applesrevenge
from left to right: vinn, ika, ede, me and syaf

I don't really have that much friends, you know. I mean, those who really close to me. But as I grew older, guess I'll proudly say that I have quite a number of friends that I really love. *They say, as you grew older... you get wiser.* Yeah, you heard right... I love them. They are the ones that show me the real friendship. They'll wipe your tears when you're sad, they'll give you advice when you're wrong... and what's important... they'll always share their secret to happiness. 

I've stayed in UNISEL since 2008 and this'll be the first time I'll be staying with all my gorgeous friends.
I know I've keep on stressing that I don't want to go back...
Its just because of certain problem...
and also, maybe I'm afraid...
that I haven't be a good friend to them..

I'm sorry.
Just bear with me for the whole next semester, will ya?



hamba Allah said...

yes, I will..!!
you wont hear "I love you' from yr friend but you know they do love you..

d'Fedrin said...



Syafiqah said...

we will:)
see you soon! :DD

d'Fedrin said...

see you soon !

p/s: tak teruja ke tgk pendant yg sgt comel tu? hehehe..