Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miracle, please?

I hate it when every single thing seems like foreshadowing a near future.
*I know its just my feelings. But, I guess I can't help it.*

Last semester really took my breath away. I was so tired with all the seven subjects until I cry so hard and I nearly gave up on my studies. As for my final examination, I had lower results than my previous semester. I was quite lucky to be able to maintain my CGPA above 3.00+ since my foundation year. I was quite devastated because of the results. That's why I was trying so hard during my semester break to gather my courage in order to return for this semester.

Sadly, I return to this semester just to meet with lots and lots of other bad news. The university had moved our faculty into a different building which was quite far than our previous building. Then, because of the 'moving' issues, the management still can't decide where our class will be. It might be in our faculty's 'new' building or in other places.

To make it worse, I have a total of six subjects for this semester...
and all of them are heavy subjects.

Can you see my timetable? They just love to make the classes on the evening.
Gosh, this is a sign for an upcoming problem. [-.-']

I just can feel it especially when it'll affect my engagement celebration.

p/s: Guess I should just pray that I'll manage it, somehow...


birakbatu said...

unisel?? adik aku pon skulah kat sana jugak.. hehee =)

d'Fedrin said...

yeke? adik kau amik course ap?


birakbatu said...

kalau aku tak silap Ekonomi.. before ni kat kuala selangor then pindah ke shah alam..

d'Fedrin said...

oo.. hahaha..
ok2.. :)