Tuesday, November 9, 2010

These are just rantings.

During this semester holiday, I think I've been more reluctant to went back to UNISEL for next semester. Everything seems like more gloomy than it should be. I know, its just because of my feelings. Guess it around one more week to go... Can I tie myself on my chair so that I won't have to go? 

Things change and friends leave [fullstop] Guess this sentence is direct enough. There won't be any problem to understand the sentence. That is why I am reluctant to go back. I don't want to go back. I hate going back. Its burdening and I'm tired. 

p/s: The result may be announced on the day after tomorrow. 11th November 2010. [-.-']


Chan said...

hehe. cuti ni bosan laa, nk blik cpt. timing result kuar mmg terbaik. masa birthday aku.

kalo xdpt 3-pointer xdpt hadiah dr makbapak. =P

d'Fedrin said...


lau cmtu, ak nk tgk ko nyer update nnt.. lau ko dpt hadiah, confirm ak tau ko dpt pointer.. 3++