Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enough is ENOUGH !

Things have been harsh for me in these past few days. People may hate me ; they may also love me. I do realize that it is me who's doing things that I've done. I walk on my own path and I decide on my own things. What I want to do and with whom I want to be. The right thing to do , the mistakes I've made. No one else will get the blame except for my own self.

I do know the risk that I'm going to face.

I draw my own future , carve my own tomorrow. I work for my own fortune , pray for my own happiness. No one... Nobody... Shall have the right to get the blame , to get the credit or to interfere with my own way of life. I choose what I've chosen so again keep out of it. Just keep it that way. Don't question my own mood, my own sadness or even my own smile. I talk when I talk , I'm mute when I want to. Just remember that.

So , close the topic now will ya ? It is not that easy to forget.
I'm getting tired. I'm sick and it feels like I've been curse.

I need to breath from the air of my life.
I want to see , the reminiscence of my days.
Slowly ; I need to smell , the fragrance of my own happiness.


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