Friday, July 23, 2010

I say, look for miracles !

Hey ,

I guess I've been messing around quite a bit much from this past few weeks. I am so sorry if anyone feel offended or annoyed with this blog. There's nothing much I can do about it thou... I was hoping that there will be "a forgive and forget" kind of situation while asking that forgiveness part. All of us had been wrong the whole time..

While slacking in bed since these past few days, I've decided to have a new look for the blog. Starting with the layout and also with the posts. Somehow I want to start a new life; a fresh start and this blog will represents my self. *literally* It'll be an all English post ! Well this is because I know that I'm not that good with writing essays. Since I'm taking Academic and Business Writing Skills this semester, I guess I have to make some effort for that. That's why you should ignore any grammatical error in this post. I'm still fixing it.

Great news, I think I got better ! Nah, I lied thou I was hoping for it. My body feels like it has worn down due to the fever that comes around and disappearing for few times. It's been a month. I can't attend classes without disturbing my friends who are presenting with my coughing or sit down quietly at the back of the class without the "OMG, I'm gonna faint" feeling. I really hate it when I've become a bother to my friends.

I admit,

There are no other times where I feel more at peace and loved when I am alone besides now.

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