Monday, July 26, 2010

The ME Facts ; Top 10 Most Viewed Blog

Actually I was inspired by The Other Khairul blog post. He has listed his top 10 most viewed blog sites so I've decided to do the same thing except that my list will differ from him obviously. I gain nothing with this list and this is just based on my own interest. You are free to comment or view the blog. This is a non-restricted site after all...

10. Purpinkle Days [Genre : Pesonal ]
She's saying she's not a perfect girl. I think she is amazing. I love the way she writes her post. Somehow it was like a really cool way of expressing her life. Even though it is just about her personal life, I don't really feel bored with all of her posts.

09. Resakse Gone Ape ! [Genre : Personal ]
I don't really know how to describe this blog but it is interesting. You can see some poetic expressions where you really have to think to understand the meaning of it.

08. Philosophy Meets Art [Genre : General (Photogpahy) , Personal ]
When it comes to personal life, I think it is hard to find someone who has it as interesting as he is. Every time the blog updated, there seems to be quite funny stories in it. And yeah , he's good with cameras. The pictures that he takes are great and sometimes it inspires.

07. Words Left Unspoken [Genre : General (Quotes) , Personal ]
I'm so sorry that I can't put the blog link here. This is a blog owned by a friend of mine. Unfortunately she's trying to hide her blog link from a certain someone. If you want to view her , feel free to comment and I'll give you the link. Her blog is full with quotes. Some of them are written by her. The way she used the words makes them look beautiful. That's how I fell in love with words. Thanks to her.

06. Kereta Mayat [Genre : General (Religious)]
I really mean it when I say that this is a religious blog. It is not religious like in terms of sermons and stuffs. The owner is an anonymous 'he' and he talks about religious stuffs. The way he wrote it makes it really fun to read. His blog is really useful for knowledge purpose. And you know what , you can see his opinions in certain issues... Example , the Kalimah 'ALLAH' on Crocs shoes logos. Interesting.

05. Madness is just a Word [Genre : General (Issues) , Personal ]
If you are the type of person who loved to see opinions , this is the right place. He usually talks about some issues in interesting ways. Yeah, somehow it does seem a bit philosophical.

04. Yang Penting Rupa [Genre : General (Sarcasm) , Personal ]
This is another blog that I don't know how to describe. I love the sarcasms *amazingly*. It is fun to read. Most of the times it is all about relationships like "Things You should Never Say to aGirl".

03. The Other Khairul
[Genre : General (Sarcasm) , Personal ]
This is also another sarcasm blog. He talks about a lot of issues in sarcasm manner which makes it fun to read. There are also gender issues. All in all , don't take what he says straight into your heart.

02. Color Me Katie [Genre : General (Photography)]
This is a cute, colourful and fun blog to look at. This where you can see Katie, a freelance photographer spice up her life with lots and lots of colours.

Where is no.1? Well , I'm still decided on that because besides other blog , I've always viewed my own blog first. So my own blog is my most viewed blog. But I guess that doesn't count. So I'm still searching. And yeah, even though I didn't list all of my other friends blog sites, that doesn't mean that I didn't view you blog sites. Believe me, I do and I love it but I can't list all of you here because it might take a lot of spaces. So I just list the most interesting ones. Again , feel free to have a look at their blog...


To lovely bloggers ,

I'm looking forward to your updates.


Chan said...

wahhh, aku rasa sangat2 terharu laa. =D

cara ko describe blog aku sungguh manis. tenkiu2! =)

d'Fedrin said...

hahaha.. ye ke ?
thank u thank u...


p/s : pasni leh la post kt blog ko kn... my blog being featured... hahaha.. wat lawak jer.

seriously... suke blog ko.. ^_^

sheila said...

purpinkle days tu blog dak unisel...bwu habis wat dip tesl kat b, tgh amek degree..xsure sem bpe..mybe sem dy syahirah saffarudin..adik dy senior degree tesl nadrah,next sem adik dy da nk kne p paraktikal da...adik dy syakinah..kenal x?

d'Fedrin said...

err... hahaha... x kenal la.
blog dy pn trjumpa mse blogwalking..
so mcm x kenal dy dan family2 dy pn..