Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Word of the Day ; Cliche !

Today is the day where I supposed to do a speech. After few days of thinking, I've decided to do "Cliche in Thriller Films". I suppose to say a great thanks to Yang Penting Rupa blog site for the article.

 Unfortunately, the lecturer somehow seems like totally forget about it. I'm a bit disappointed  but yeah, I admit the happiness is more all over me rather than the disappointment. There are butterflies all over my stomach ! That's why I nearly jump when the class ended without any speech presentation.

Another thing , I'm getting better. A big 'yeay' for me ! I'm getting so excited about it and it made me talked and talked and talked quite a lot for the whole day. It also resulted me in talking with a really cute child named Aisyah when I had my dinner.

This is a great day after all.

; and (p/s) to you, I Miss You.


ika said...

d lecturer totally forgot huh!!
lucky us!

d'Fedrin said...

lucky us..
da lame x rase butterflies in da stomach bile nk present..
best jgk skali skala rase cmtu..