Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm SORRY that my word reached You

I've got a feeling... I've got a bad feeling, I mean.

I don't know how to say this but... I've hurt someone. Yeah , its true and to you... I'm so SORRY for that. It is just that you have to know. That is the truth and its time for you to face it. Thou you say you can't bear the pain , you have to. This is your life and as a friend , I want you to open your eyes. There are a lot of other things for you to see , other things for you to experience and a lot more of other people for you to be friend with. 

Just so you know , I'm still you're friend and I'll be here if you need me.

The truth is, it hurts me too when uttering those words... It hurts a lot. I never expect that I'm gonna see those tears. It reached you right ? Those words. I regret what I've just said after seeing those face of yours. I just hope that it didn't reached you. But no matter how I think about it , communication is irreversible.

So please cheer up.

I guess , it is time for you to move on...
and Forgive Me.

p/s : To my lovely friends in UNISEL... Happy Second Year Anniversary ! Thanks a lot for these wonderful years of knowing you... Can't wait for the memories that'll we'll face this year.. ^_^


ika said...

U know him better than I am, I hv nothing to say..

sorry for dragging u in this situation

d'Fedrin said...

you can know someone better..
if you try your best...
and you open your heart to it..

a guy is not only made to be a husband.. they can be only a good friend too...

what past is past..
and as i've told you before..
i'm trying to breath here..

so close the topic already
; will ya ?